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  • blog date 17 March 2016

    WhatsApp: 1 billion users worldwide and 250 million video shares per day

    WhatsApp: 1 billion users worldwide and 250 million video shares per day

    There are opportunities to makes WhatsApp an interesting video communications platform for business; based on its current format and mantra of wanting to improve the app’s speed, reliability, security and simplicity plus its parentage with Facebook, it definitely deserves some investigation for business use going forward. With 250 million videos being shared per day already on WhatsApp, it’s one to watch!

  • blog date 04 March 2016

    Eight top video marketing tips for successful video content

    Eight top video marketing tips for successful video content

    Eight tips to help you make the most of your YouTube video marketing including reasons to translate tags in foreign languages for increase international views in countries you can do business with, reasons to delete videos from your channel and whether to repurpose cross channel.

  • blog date 08 February 2016

    Content Marketing and Video Tips for Small Businesses

    Content Marketing  and Video Tips for Small Businesses

    Engagement is what makes content marketing a great tool for any business. Engaged viewers are more likely to share the content with others and thy will also spend more time on the company’s website. This allows the company to exploit the viewers to gain exposure, increase traffic, brand a product or earn additional revenue with advertisements.

    To create content to engage people focus on what people want to find out about the brand. Define & Clarify to the potential customers what problems the company solves for them. Most people like to have more information about a product they are interested in before buying it. They want to know if it will provide them with what they want, and if it’s easy to use. It’s still the old sell the sizzle and not the sausage message. In video, don’t sell a product or service but share the benefits of what using the product or service brings.

  • blog date 08 December 2015

    Tips for creating a video advert.

    With increasing online traffic being pushed by video these days it’s not surprise that video adverts are proving to be an important part of a video marketing plan. Video is on target to make up 80% of on line traffic by 2019 – we’re already registering 61% so looks like the forecast will be accurate and maybe even under estimated.
    Here are just a few tips to help make your video adverts more effective.

  • blog date 16 November 2015

    8 Billion Video Views Per Day for Facebook

    Video marketers are now faced with a two party system. According to eMarketer, this year’s global mobile ad spending is expected to be $72.1 billion. Google’s share is projected to be 33.&% of this market, whereas Facebook’s share is forecasted at 17.4%. According to comShare, the Top 6 and 8 of the Top 9 apps in US are owned by Facebook and Google.

    Casual observers today mistakenly believe that it doesn’t matter if you choose YouTube or Facebook video. They think that the newer platform is better. But there is a huge difference between YouTube’s and Facebook’s views of video marketing and video advertising.

  • blog date 28 October 2015

    How to Keep Video Marketing Content Revelant

    Every minute 400+ hours of video is uploaded on YouTube, so if videos are posted once a week or once a month they quickly get lost in amongst all the others that have been uploaded. If you’re seeing a disappointing or declining response to your video production then give some consideration to these tips on how to combat declining video views and improve your return on investment by good video optimization and video marketing strategy.

  • blog date 23 October 2015

    Does DIY Video Production Save A Business Money?

    With the arrival of cheaper video recording devices such as tablets, iPhones and prosumer camcorders, it is easy for anyone to create a video. Anyone can pull their phone out of their pocket and take an HD or even a 4K video these days. However, just because it can be done by anyone doesn’t mean it should be done – unless it’s purely for fun and not for serious business marketing purposes. Cameras on phones and ordinary digital cameras have limitations and there is so much more to shooting a video than simply pointing a recording device. For example: Is the lighting right? Will the audio be heard clearly without interference from air conditioning, traffic or other extraneous noises? Is the quality appropriate for the business and what it offers? Do the contributors look comfortable and believable or more like scared rabbits who don’t want to be there? Honestly, using an iPhone won’t give a professional look, and it doesn’t make sense to cheapen the brand and profile of your business by skimping on having a video made on the cheap – it’s better not to do it at all.

  • blog date 28 September 2015

    Instagram Pro-tips for Video Marketing Success

    Instagram is a fast growing platform for video marketing content, however there are some essential factors that can make or break your audience engagement. Have a look at some of the tips and hints which can help your campaign gain followers and raise brand profile with video content.

  • blog date 23 September 2015

    Beyond FaceBook and Twitter for Social Media Marketing

    Beyond FaceBook and Twitter for Social Media Marketing

    Most businesses will be using FaceBook and Twitter, as well as the much loved Linked In of course; however, to get your brand noticed on social media it’s worth having a look at some of the other up and coming platforms out there which would give your digital marketing an extra push. Also looking at video in your digital marketing with these social media platforms will add even greater viewer engagement whilst getting your brownie points from YouTube and Google.

  • blog date 14 April 2015

    How to improve Google search ranking

    How to improve Google search ranking

    It is a really easy way for Small to Medium Enterprises to outwit the competition in terms of search rankings.

    Google is offering a higher ranking for searches to websites that are prepared to offer users a more secure experience.

    With Google now using blended results, showing not only webpages but videos, news results and images, on their first page there is now more of a chance for your video to be viewed.

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