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  • blog date 19 February 2015

    Video gives big boost to HR newsletter

    Video newsletters continue to give impressive results for HR company.

  • blog date 16 February 2015

    Prime Minister is Listening

    David Cameron says the Government are keen to listen to small businesses in terms of rates, energy costs, bureaucracy and legislation – do you feel you’re being heard or have you given up shouting?

  • blog date 04 February 2015

    AVID Media Composer updates

    Avid’s Media Composer software has been updated and is now available. It expands on the video editing solution of the company that enables the acquisition, management, editing and delivery of native 4K.

  • blog date 26 January 2015

    Is Celebrity Endorsement Effective?

    We often get asked by clients about using a ‘name’ or ‘face’ to promote their business, and although it can be useful and have benefits, in most cases it’s not necessary.

  • blog date 05 January 2015

    Size matters in public sector procurement

    New legislation has been enforced which is designed to make it easier for SMEs to win work not just in the UK but across the whole of Europe, but small firms have got to learn how the legislation can be harnessed to their own ends if they want a share of the public sector procurement.

  • blog date 25 November 2014

    New Awards to Recognise Key Role of Digital Media

    A chance to shine in the digital communications world with the Digital Village and Constant Contact Digital Awards which will be showcased at the Trade Only National Show (TONS) in January.

  • blog date 27 October 2014

    Old Peter Reno tapes found at De Wolfe studios.

    A few weeks ago, when engineers were digging through the vaults at the de Wolfe music headquarters, they came across a recorded reel of tape which confused them.

  • blog date 20 October 2014

    Deal With The Media Online Training

    Deal with the Media is an online training course which helps you gain media attention and how to make an impact once you have it. The course has the help of industry professionals as well as Sir Trevor McDonald, well-known news presenter. If you’ve already done one of Take One TV’s media training courses on video presentations, or indeed any other face to face media training workshops, then this could be a great way of refreshing your knowledge. Video is an increasingly important part of any company communications and having a bit of professional guidance can make all the difference to your presentation – turning it into an enjoyable experience that you can control rather than something that gives you nightmares!

  • blog date 29 September 2014

    Lets Parody

  • blog date 08 September 2014

    Is Video the New Black?

    With better and more accessible mobile technology other forms of video content are growing in popularity. For example, video newsletters, email marketing, social media clips and PR pieces are all very popular with the online audience; and of course video continues to be a big hitter for SEO results.

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