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Which types of Video are good for your audience?

Which types of Video are good for your audience?

A few months ago, HubSpot updated their stats on content marketing.  Within both the original finding and the updated one, Video is the preferred method of receiving content from a brand or business.

There are endless reasons and ways in which a business video can be used effectively to build a brand.  Here we are going to look at just a few types of videos and how we can use them. You may have seen a number of these already, even TV adverts are using them. 

  • Whiteboard videos

Cartoon like videos which are called whiteboard videos are very engaging and keeps people attention. 

  • Kinetic typography (moving text)

Where you see the words moving around the screen have the same effect and are highly converting and very engaging.

  • Face to camera (or piece to camera (PTC)

To get more brand recognition or to get more personal engagement, face to camera videos are very effective. 

  • PowerPoint presentations

If you don’t want to appear on camera there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use a PowerPoint presentation that is recorded to get your message across where you’re doing a voiceover or perhaps engage an actor to do the voice-over. 

  • Screen recording videos

And where you have very technical information maybe a digital product where people want to see how the digital product works, screen recording videos come into their own.   

  • Attractor Videos

The best way to start is by using an attractor video format. An attractor video is generally a 60 second piece to the camera given by either the manager of the company or someone who is an expert in the field. 

This is a personal introduction, talking as if to a person. It's important to talk directly to your viewers online and as the owner or key spokesperson, you have a reason to feel passionate about what you do; you need to share that passion in your video. 

Talk about something unique and the benefits that would be offered to the viewers if they were to engage with you.

The Content

The content of the video needs to be carefully considered. One thing to think about is; why should the viewer buy from you? Why would someone choose your business over your nearest competitor? This isn't about selling; it's about what benefits you offer which makes the difference between someone choosing to engage with your company over another one.

This needs to be done in a way in which they understand the difference you could make. It doesn't come from just saying "We make good Widgets".   Explain why your Widgets are good and how your good Widgets make a difference. This is the core of your message. 

Explain the heart of your business. Why you do what you do and the difference it makes to clients. 

Three key points in a 60 second video is plenty. 60 seconds can either be really long or really short, depending on the way your video is put together. Generally people will only remember 3 key things so chose carefully.

Remember to include a call to action because you want people to contact you after watching your video. 

If the viewers are interested in what your video is about, but they found your video through YouTube and not from your website, they will need your details to be able to able to contact you easily. YouTube is owned by Google and Google, well is there a need for that explanation? Undoubtedly, the most popular search engine.  So include a special offer or a guarantee, this will help to give that extra little push so your customers are more likely to take action at that point rather than think about it. 

On that note, do get in touch with our team to find out more about the types of video which may suit you.




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