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Day 2 on location with Take One TV

Day 2 on location with Take One TV

Matt Wheeler, our youngest and newest team member, has been sharing his thoughts on his first location shoot with us:

Day Two:

The next day was another early start (I was over it by this point!) at Take One HQ. We gathered the equipment and rushed to the location just ahead of the school rush hour. We arrived and were greeted by a warm plate of food. Yeah I forgot to mention this part earlier! The staff at Chartridge Lodge kindly provided us with bacon sandwiches (they even had gluten free variants for the likes of myself!) which is a lovely feeling, especially on a cold late November morning!

One thing I did find on the second day was that we ended up setting up and adjusting the equipment at a much faster pace than the first day. I certainly found myself working at quicker pace; my guess for this happening would be that I was more familiar and comfortable with the location.

The client arrived and we got down to business of filming the second sequence. The client was much more relaxed this time round now that he was more familiar with the team and the environment, so relaxed in fact, that he shot through the second sequence almost flawlessly while reading from the autocue. We were finished with the sequence in just over an hour. We repeated this with the third sequence too and even had time to start and complete the fourth sequence before we wrapped up for the day.

I was operating the clapperboard and logging the shots and takes on the time code logging sheet again today. This was an important role which comes in very useful during the post production stage of the process. It helps because when it comes to editing, the editor can easily identify each clip by seeing the clapper board at the start which tells them which scene, shot or take the clip represents. It was even more important for this shoot, because there were two cameras being used for different angles of each shot. So in order to sync them correctly the time code log and clapperboard could give the editor a precise time stamp.

We packed up and returned to Take One HQ, repeating the same process as day one to ensure that all the kit would be charged and ready for day 3.




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