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Video Marketing in Gaming

Video Marketing in Gaming

Video Marketing in Gaming

A trend that is being predicted for 2018 is the use of video marketing within gaming, a follow on from the many gamification adjuncts for motivating employees in the sales and customer service fields perhaps? The top genre of sponsored content in the first quarter of 2017 on YouTube was gaming – so those Marketers on the lookout for the next biggest marketing channel to emerge should definitely be keeping their eye on it.
The traditional platforms for marketing that once existed have evolved immeasurably – Facebook, email marketing, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to name but a few high-profile ones. So, why gaming? There are two main vehicles – mobile gaming devices and platforms such as YouTube both present opportunities. Brands must consider incorporating gaming in to their cross-channel marketing strategy to keep on board with marketing trends.

Mobile devices

The use of games on mobile devices has a huge part to play. Last year mobile games accounted for 23% of all active apps in the iTunes App Store and a consumer survey in the US found that mobile gaming was the most annoying thing people did mid-conversation on their mobile phone. There are huge possibilities and opportunities to reach consumers: people are gaming on their phones as a matter of normality (if annoyance!). It would be great to engage one of those blocker devices that render mobiles inoperative, particularly in restaurants, theatres and cinemas…. Does anyone else find the screen glow in a darkened cinema annoying too? However, gamers are generally very engaged and use on a regular basis – we know how addictive many of these games can be. We are familiar with pop up adverts and banners as well as video adverts; all these can be used by gaming partners who pay for this privileged role and can in turn increase traffic back to their brand.

YouTube, Twitch etc

Another market which is becoming integral to any meaningful video-game-marketing campaign is the likes of YouTube and Twitch. Here there are huge marketing opportunities as people turn to them for gaming advice, reviews and tasters before buying games.
Regardless of the platform, the principles of marketing stay the same despite the huge potential of video marketing within gaming – brands must align themselves with their target market and choose games accordingly. It must be a game that is well used regularly by the target demographic and analytics must be used as with any digital marketing to measure the success and help target the campaign.




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