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How to Use Video Case Studies to Benefit your Business

How to Use Video Case Studies to Benefit your Business

Using Video Case Studies as part of your Marketing Strategy

Video and case studies are a match made in heaven. The two components work incredibly effectively together as customer testimonials are sought more and more, case studies are increasingly popular. No longer do we just seek out a product or service and commit immediately. We want to find out more – more information on other people or organisations who have used or purchased this product; how did they find it? did it do the job? did it work for them? So case studies form part of this reviewing process and form a part of the buying cycle that is known as ‘zero moment of truth’ (or the research stage) and they have a number of other benefits;

• They are a great marketing and sales tool.

• Content on your website that is seen to come directly from your company can be viewed with scepticism. But the views of customers and clients are seen to be more genuine and thus influential.

• Case studies can form a great library of resources for your company.

IP Lawyer explains how he has benefitted one of his client

So why is video such an effect tool in this process?

The statistics speak for themselves. We know that video content on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. Text alone just does not present this conversion rate. Mist Media reports that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. And 60% of site visitors will watch video if its available before reading text. Video lends itself specifically well when it comes to case studies: your target audience are more likely to watch and engage with them and there are a number of reasons why this is;

• We interpret moving images incredibly quickly and are instinctively drawn in by them. Music only adds to this.

Faces in video are a real draw – if your target audience can see a face and gain a personal recommendation from a trusted third party it will help convince them. A face to a story makes it more real.

• Video is much more likely to captivate your audience than plain text – the viewer will become more emotionally engaged, especially if the case study tells a story. Emotion helps drive decision making.

• Once a viewer plays a video they are more likely to continue to pay attention in a way they aren’t when reading plain text.

So creating and using video case studies on your website is certainly worth a try! In an age of word of mouth marketing they are an incredibly effective tool in convincing, emotionally involving and engaging your audience.




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