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Who needs Video?

Who needs Video?

The place to be seen is on Video

Video is set to be the fastest growing communications medium for the next few years, so any business that wants to grow and maintain its profile needs to consider video content as part of its marketing strategy, and budget accordingly!

Why is Video so important for Marketing Success?

Many people would agree that meeting potential customers in person is the best way to make sure get your point across. Communicating by email, text or phone is fantastic for efficiency, but information invariably gets ‘lost in translation,’ and can be perceived as impersonal.

Fortunately, web video is now a practical way of getting in front of customers, be they new or existing!

A well constructed Web video is a way of inviting someone into your business for a meeting, showing them round your place and sharing what it is that make you different from your competitors. No wonder video is being used more and more as part of a marketing strategy for growing businesses. And of course with the advances in technology video is now not just something for the big boys of industry; any business can take advantage of this amazing tool which with some professional input can be a real game changer.

A recent survey suggested that people were 85% more likely to absorb a message that you are trying to get across if you are using a web video rather than text.

Video has lasting impact and gets your message across in a shorter space of time.

With the video hosted on You Tube and linked back to your website you have are 53 times more likely to be found when someone knows they want your service or product, but doesn’t yet know you!

Now, of course getting people to your website with the advantage that video gives you with improved SEO isn’t all you need to think about. Afterall, what’s the point of getting people to your site, if the site itself doesn’t reflect your business or brand in the right way, or indeed the video itself isn’t well-produced perhaps with poor sound or ill constructed images? It would be a bit like getting people along to a High Street shop and then having a dirty, untidy and uninteresting window display – a big turn off. So it’s vital to team up with an experienced video production company where the key staff understand not just how to point a camera and push the record button, but also how to create content that is memorable for the right reasons and puts your business at the forefront of peoples’ minds when they need your product or service.

To create an effective piece of marketing video you’ll need to focus on three key points that you want people to remember from your video. The attention span of the viewer is short, in fact it’s often been described as shorter than a gnat’s breath! This is particularly so when it’s just one person speaking to them, so hone your script to include no more than three points. If there are more points that you feel are essential, then do more videos! You’ll all have tried to watch e-learning material with a tutor, who is probably a great thought leader, talking straight at you on a video; despite the content being really good, you’ll find your mind wandering and maybe having to go back several times to capture the bits you missed first, second or third time round as you try to get your ongoing CPD credits. A trainee solicitor once told me that she had found herself going back 5 or 6 times on these sort of videos because she always seemed to zone out at the same point; when I looked at the video it was obvious why though. You see, the brain needs to have something to keep its attention on the speaker, which means changing the shot and adding in supporting images or text to keep the mind/eye connection together. Do resist the temptation to put lots of text on the screen though, more than a few well chosen words will result in your viewing reading the text and not listening to you; and it’s also very distracting to have too much movement on screen, so it’s a careful balance.

Then with your three key points in mind, you need to write the script, we often help our clients with this but usually it’s best for them to write the initial words and we can help tweak them for the filming. We’ll be looking at some tips for script writing in our blog but in the meanwhile hope you found this one interesting and maybe thought provoking. If you’d like to sign up for our video strategy workshop where we cover these points in great detail, just drop us an email or call – we’re always pleased to hear from people.




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