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Integrating Video into your Marketing Plan

Integrating Video into your Marketing Plan

There’s no doubt that video can have a powerful role in engaging your market. It can now play a crucial part in any marketing strategy. But how do you effectively integrate video if you’ve never done so before? How can you ensure its used efficiently and will make the biggest impact?

Here are a few tips to ensure your video connects with your market and customers.

General tips on video marketing

Content is Key:

Telling a story can be a very effective way of engaging with your audience. The back story of the business, the story of an employee who works there, a recent product launch etc.

Customers love the prospect of going behind the scenes and seeing something they’ve never seen before and an aspect of your business that is usually hidden. Take a look at some of the insider story documentaries such as Eddie Stobbart, the myriad of behind the scene police stories, and more recently EasyJet and the story of their newly qualified pilots. These sort of stories show the inner workings of a business, warts and all; I do wonder if they put a company in the best light, but perhaps the old saying about all publicity being good is true, it certainly means people will remember the brand. For us, people love to see outtakes, or the making of programmes because you then get a glimpse of what how that special effect happened or where the on screen talent perhaps was human after all!

A review of a recently launched product or most popular product – you could include your customers own reviews in interview format, and/or in text.

Use the opportunity to educate your market – what information about the business would you most like to impart to engage viewers and give them more information?

There are various methods you can use when building your content for your video – interviews, recorded directly yourselves or externally recorded is one main one, or using a screengrab where you an overlay text or use various grabs to demonstrate steps of a process.

Video Content Essentials:

Make sure your focus is on the viewer rather than being a sales pitch. The viewer will want you to offer solutions, give advice and provide insight.

Include a call to action so the viewer can connect with the business and will be engaged.

Keep the video short – it’s very easy to get carried away but your viewer can easily loose interest. Tips should be no longer than a minute long, more in-depth content can be longer but must have an impact in the first few seconds to keep your viewer watching.

Video Equipment:

Equipment is something that can easily be overlooked but making sure you use not only a good quality camera, but also good quality microphones and lighting – poor sounds and visuals can turn off the viewer instantly and make your business appear very unprofessional. These things are worth investing in. And a tripod is worth investing in also, especially if you plan to make regular content. This will prevent any shaking or blurring.

Distribution Channels: Social Media

There are many pros of using social media and it has transformed video distribution for two main reasons.

1. It’s cheap – there has never been a time when sharing content has been so inexpensive.
2. It’s easy – you can share video over a number of platforms the click of a button, reaching a very wide audience.

Distribution Tips:

Use a variety of platforms to post – don’t just go for the obvious large platforms such as Twitter and YouTube – consider smaller platforms which may reach a slightly different audience, casting your net even wider.

Make sure you regularly share and update content, keeping your customers up to date – you can schedule videos in advance or have a serial which may keep the view gripped and waiting for the next instalment.

Make sure your branding is consistent – your customers need to be able to recognise your brand across different channels.

Use analytics tools to assess the success of your content and make adjustments accordingly.

Engage with others in the same industry – make meaningful connections with others and they will then share your content back.




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