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Using Google Analytics and YouTube

Using Google Analytics and YouTube

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool you can set up for your YouTube channel to track visits, to analyse its activity and performance. This in turn can tell you what aspects of your channel are working well, and those which are less effective and may need attention.

What kind of information can Google Analytics give me?

Google Analytics can give you a wealth of information, but what would you use it for? Well, for example, if you could see how many time people visited your channel, which particular videos did they access and did they come back many times – what difference could that information make to your marketing success? Let’s have a think, if people are finding your channel,then you can use Google Analytics to assess how you might engage your audience more effectively. Also, if they do return, you can measure how many days is it before they do so? If you want a loyal following, then this sort of information can help you to change content to ensure they return regularly and frequently.

Is it important to know what are the numbers of people visiting the channel? Where, geographically, they come from? Well it is important if you want to engage viewers both nationally and internationally. If you have a local plumbing business you want to attract local people and having a big following in a geographically unsuited location is not of great benefit to you.

If you know what web pages your viewers are coming from, or where they too afterwards you can look at ways of making your footage more accessible and appropriate to your audience.

Another important use of Google Analytics with your YouTube channel is to see how it steers viewers to your website and vice versa. Do they come from your website? What other types of website do they come from? Maybe with this sort of information you can start to expand your video strategy and align yourself with complimentary topics and sources.

So what benefits can Google Analytics bring?

All this information can benefit your organisation by telling you what impact your YouTube footage is having and ensuring your video marketing strategies are working effectively. If they’re not work, then you can pin point the areas that aren’t working and invest your time accordingly in fixing things or changing direction.

So a here’s a simple guide as to how to connect your YouTube channel to Google Analytics:

Firstly you need a Google Analytics account – if you don’t have one you need to register.

Navigate to Google Analytics and click ‘Access Analytics’
Click ‘My Analytics Accounts’ drop down menu and select ‘Create New Account’. Click ‘Sign Up’ to continue.
Enter your YouTube channel website address and a name for the Google Analytics account then click ‘Continue’
Enter your name and country and click ‘Continue’
Click the check box to agree to terms and conditions and then click ‘Create New Account’
Click ‘Google Analytics’ logo to return to the dashboard and click the title of your YouTube channel.
Copy the Google Analytics code that begins with ‘UA’
Navigate to YouTube and sign in to your account
Click your username and click ‘Settings’
Click ‘Branding Options’ in the left sidebar
Enter your Google Analytics code in the ‘Google Analytics’ text box and click ‘Save Branding Options’

Have a go, you may be surprised at where your audience is! And of course if you need any help creating some powerful video content for your marketing strategy, do give us a call and we’ll be delighted to help you.




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