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How to get YouTube to work harder with your online marketing videos.

How to get YouTube to work harder with your online marketing videos.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and of course it is owned by Google, THE biggest search engine in the world; so it makes sense to get as good a performance from YouTube with your online sales and lead generation videos as possible. Aside from the basic SEO work on your videos, such as adding transcription, closed captions, suitable headings and titles as well as appropriate tags that include your key words, there are few other things you can do.

Three things to add umph to your YouTube video ROI

h2. Watermarks

There is a facility within YouTube that allows you to add a Watermark to your videos when shown on your channel. Adding a video watermark will support your branding on line and help to build trust with your audience. Ideally you want your audience to recognise your brand from your logo, look and feel so it must be consistent throughout.

To add a watermark this is what you need to do:

1. Go to MY CHANNEL and click on the gear icon next to the Subscribe button
3. Click on BRANDING – this is under the Channel section on the left-hand side of the page
4. Click ADD A WATERMARK, which is on the right-hand side of the page
5. Next, click on the CHOOSE FILE button to fetch your watermark file.
6. Upload your file and SAVE.

For best results, use transparency and stick to one colour using either a PNG or GIF format.
The maximum file size is 1MB.

Once done, viewers will see your watermark on all your videos on your channel. They can hover their mouse over the watermark and click through to subscribe to your channel – which is a good way of building profile and getting analytical information through the ANNOTATIONS report within YouTube Analytics.

Add a Channel Banner

If you haven’t already uploaded a channel banner, then do so as it will help attract viewers to your video. However, do make it relevant to your content, so avoid pictures which may be pretty or appeal to you but don’t represent what your main content message and branding. It#s important to consider what your potential clients will want to see over above your own preferences! Also add a channel icon of a reasonable size on the left of the channel banner. It all adds to the overall impression!

Call to Actions with Directional Indicators

Another thing you can consider doing is using a call to action image that includes a directional clue. For instance, I was asked the other day at a business meeting whether a link to a video which had a picture with a PLAY button in the middle was more successful at getting clicks than a string of code. The answer generally is that a picture with a PLAY button, or visual call to action, such as a photo of someone looking or pointing at your CTA button links into our innate responses mechanism and we are more likely to respond positively. From a very young age we are conditioned to push that PLAY button, and to respond through visual directions. Most viewers will not feel threatened by clicking the play button and feel safe in doing so, whereas a piece of code creates feelings of insecurity – can’t blame people for the latter with so many viruses out there on line! The CTA play button or directional cue creates an immediate and almost automatically positive response from your viewers.


And lastly for now, consider adding Annotations to your video. These are not adverts but more like PowerPoint bullet points that can enrich your video and encourage deeper engagement and activity by highlighting additional or key information. Do be aware though that most YouTube viewers have a very short attention space – the attention span can be as short as 8 seconds at the moment – so make sure you put any key annotations in the right spot, otherwise they may not see your message. The most beneficial place is often at the end of your video, but allowing for the drop off of attention make sure there is enough time for your viewers to see the annotation before they move to the next video or web page.

Adding a web link that enables views to go directly to your page is a great way of getting them right to where both you and they want to be, and the quicker you can do that the more likely you are to create engagement. Do remember though that you YouTube account needs to be verified and the channel in good standing for this to work, and that you must have the external linking facility turn on!

Hope you found that useful; if you need any advice or help in making videos for business or getting a better return on investment for existing content, please get in touch; we’ll be happy to share our experience and knowledge!




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