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It's an obvious plug!

It's an obvious plug!

Apple have leaked that their new iPhone 7 may well be released without a headphone socket, well at least the headphone socket that we are all familiar with and used with millions of sets of headphones. It seems that Apple have decided that the 3.5mm Jack plug, the typical plug that is attached to practically every set of earpiece and headphones, is old tech and want to see this replaced with their proprietary brand of connector known as the ‘Lightening’ port connector.

The fact that only Apple currently use this type of plug and socket and that millions of Apple users will have to purchase new headphones and earpieces for use with their new iPhone can only be considered as a marketing ploy to try to capitalise on the popularity of their products and produce an increased revenue for the company by making manufacturers pay for a licence to produce the new plug.

The fact that some high end headphones cost upwards of £100 is not a real concern to Apple but is being seen as an opportunity to make a fast buck or two from their loyal band of consumers. So much so that more than 200,000 people have already signed an on-line petition to try to persuade Apple to change their minds. In deed Apple alone could be responsible for creating millions of pieces of electronic waste just by changing a headphone socket.

The 3.5mm Jack plug has been in existence since the mid-20th century and was designed to fit into early transistor radios and then the Sony Walkman cassette player. It was based on the original design of the larger Post Office Telephone Jack dating back to the late 19th century.

It seems that, if Apple finally decide to abandon the humble mini-jack in favour of their ‘Lightning connector’ there may be an increased market for cheap Chinese jack adaptors flooding the marketplace sometime very soon. Maybe this could also herald the end of the jack adapter that allows us to take audio and video signals from video cameras?





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