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Watch the ‘birdy’ and say ‘cheese’ - are Selfies hazardous to health?!

Proof that taking ‘selfies’ can be hazardous to health.

The art of taking a ‘selfie’ has reached epidemic proportions. The sale of ‘selfie sticks’ has increased exponentially and now wherever you are in the world you are sure to see smartphones waving in the wind like a field of electronic sunflowers.

But there are risks attached to this art form. In fact in 2015 so far more people (12) have died as a result of taking a selfie than have died in shark attacks (8).

It is also an interesting indicator of the personality of the person taking the selfie. A recent study examining the social media habits of people posting selfies showed that there were higher signs of a tendency to narcissism and psychopathy. It was also found that the need to be ‘liked’ on social media was highly indicative of the individuals’ general low self-esteem and the lack of the basic social skills required to develop and maintain meaningful relationships.

It seems that ‘likes’ are becoming a quantifiable way of measuring popularity and some people are willing to go to extremes and place themselves in life threatening situations to take that selfie which will gain more likes and make them stand out from all others. It includes examples of a man taking a photo with a bull charging at him, taking a picture in front of a moving train and a woman taking a selfie of herself and her baby whilst driving along the motorway. Two men were killed in Russia whilst taking a selfie of themselves removing a pin from a hand grenade.
Now one could argue that this was absolute proof that ‘Natural Selection’ does exist in humanity.




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