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Website Cards on Twitter

Using Twitter to Market your Business

Twitter can be used as an effective marketing channel to drive potential customers to a company’s website. Whether the company wants to push their followers to their website or target new customers, setting up a website clicks campaign with Twitter Ads is an easy way to get more people from Twitter to a website.

Anatomy of a Website Card
Highlight the products or services and give people a reason to visit the website
Add an image to make the Tweet stand out
Include a brief description and URL for the website
Select a strong call to action e.g. shop now.

Website Cards allow better promotion of a website on Twitter by adding an image, related content and a strong call to action button to the Tweet. By linking a website preview to the Tweet, the website card offers a way to drive the right audience to the website with a single click. It has been found that Tweets with a Website Card obtain 43% more clicks.

h3.How to set up a Website Card

1. Log into Twitter Ads account
2. Click on the “Create new campaign” drop down and select “Website Clicks or Conversions.”
3. Underneath the “Creative” section, set up the Website Card.
a) Compose a Tweet to encourage potential customers to website, telling them why they should visit.
b) Add website URL
c) Add an image to make the Tweet stand out
d) Select a strong call to action.
4. After the Website Card has been created, set up the target audience & budget to launch the campaign. It is recommended to track & measure website conversions from Twitter by adding a Website Tag on the page.




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