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How much will a video cost me?

“Good, Fast, Cheap – choose only two” – Project Managers often give this warning and it bears well for video production too. Customers can regard it as a restraint rather than a good principle to run a project by.

Most things are possible with video production

Within the parameters of quality, speed and cost video production offers a high return for careful planning; a key aspect of which is holding the three concepts of the project triangle and adjusting them realistically rather than trying to push them all to the max and then expecting the best outcome. If a video location shoot runs well over 10-12 hours you simply won’t get the best out of the crew or talent; so don’t try to push too much into the day, be sensible and allow for the unexpected too – such as traffic jams, fire alarms and flat tyres – as well as creative instinct, that needs time and space to work!

The Project Triangle reflects the fact that the three properties of a project are interrelated, and it is not possible to optimize all three – one will always suffer to greater or lesser extent.

There are 3 options to choose from:
Do something quickly and to a high standard, but it won’t be cheap.
Do something quickly and cheaply, but it won’t be of high quality.
Have something of high quality and cheaply, but it‘ll take a long time.
These three factors need to be balanced in order for a project to meet its objectives. They are normally set at the beginning of a project and form the three things we usually ask customers to tell us about for a video brief. If there is a change in one factor it will have an effect on at least one other factor.

For Example:
Aiming too high may require more resources or time and therefore may cost more
Cutting costs may affect the level of quality
A reduction in time can increase costs or reduce quality. Tight deadlines or short durations may make certain quality levels unattainable.

Time management and planning are key to the success of any good video production, that and people power – getting a team to work together often in awkward locations for long hours requires considerable skill and forethought – something which those less experienced in video production than the Take One team often struggle with.Location Video Shoot




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