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AVID Media Composer updates

Avid’s Media Composer latest update expands on the video editing solution of the company that enables the acquisition, management, editing and delivery of native 4K. Probably not something we’re going to get to use in corporate video production a long time, goodness many corporate clients are still struggling to view HD and of course the investment kit to watch 4K is probably something not on the must have list for them either.

That said, for films the upgraded version allows Avid Resolution Independence architecture and Avid DNxHR encoding to be utilised, which delivers on the ‘Everywhere’ mantra of the company, and it will be interesting to see how this affects the future of video editing.

“Avid Resolution Independence provides a holistic, platform-centric approach that puts no limits to the resolutions customers can capture, edit and output,” a statement from Avid identified. “Media professionals can work with the broadest variety of media in every resolution – SD, HD, 4K and beyond – using their existing infrastructure. Phew, that’s a relief, perhaps they’ve learnt from the mistakes of FinalCutX and Apple! Media Composer is the first Avid product to support Resolution Independence, with support for more products and solutions across the Media Central Platform coming soon.”

The upgrade features include:
High-resolution editing – including 4K as well as 2K and Ultra HD
Avid Resolution Independence
DNxHR encoding
Enhanced colour management – support for new advanced colour spaces
High frame rate – support for up to 60p
Proxy workflows – work with high-res media with proxy media and proxy timeline features
Background rendering for high-res media

I smell an IT spend in the new financial year!




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