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Video Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

2014 was a major year in regards to non-profit organisations when it came to video marketing campaigns. Campaigns Generated a massive 670M Views! Many made headlines not just in the industry, but in everyday life. The growing demand for emotional content is not the only thing that charities and non-profits are capitalizing on; they are also showing their storytelling savvy in the process. Pulling on the heart strings isn’t always the best way to get positive results, viewers can feel manipulated and coerced, so the video storytelling has to be well managed.

Kony 2012, with 230.8 million views, is still the most viral non-profit video of all time, but with that video taken out of the equation, 2014 is by far, the biggest year for non-profit branded video views.

In 2014 non-profits went against the trend of releasing videos nearer the end of the year to capitalize on holiday spirit, with 7 out of 10 of the most viewed being videos chosen to be released in the earlier half of the year.

Non-Profit Videos Generated 670 Million Views in 2014;
Visible Measures analysed the views from branded non-profit videos from 2014 against the amount of campaigns per year since 2009. 146 major non-profit video campaigns generated just under 670 million views in 2014. In 6 years, that’s an increase of 857%.

* 2009 – 69,973,667 Views (90 campaigns)
* 2010 – 240,172,869 Views (176 campaigns)
* 2011 – 175,709,234 Views (202 campaigns)
* 2012 – 891,649,150 Views (284 campaigns)
* 2013 – 635,238,492 Views (173 campaigns)
* 2014 – 669,495,184 Views (146 campaigns)

Save the Children’s non-profit video about the war in Syria being the most viewed of the year, with 44+ million views across the internet and over 1.3 million social shares.

Here are the charity videos that attracted the most attention this year in terms of views, with their social shares in brackets.

1. Most Shocking Second a Day – Save the Children 44,043,427 (1,315,225)
2. Would You Help a Freezing Child? – SOS Children’s Villages 21,673,029 (683,485)
3. Arnold Works at Gold’s – After-School All-Stars 19,809,431 (609,616)
4. Will It Crush? – Omaze 13,637,226 (325,060)
5. Tree Of Life – Lifebuoy 11,142,287 (48,083)
6. Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid 30 10,732,553 (593,794)
7. Luge – Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion 8,502,619 (366,306)
8. ViolenceisViolence – Mankind 8,400,196 (203,899)
9. LaughLearnGive – YouTube & Comic Relief 8,101,846 (173,038)
10. There Is No Them, Only Us – Bank of America and (RED) 7,896,679 (94,760)

If you’re thinking of using video as part of a marketing campaign as a Non-Profit organisation, here are four key strategies to consider:

  1. Make it Genuine: Tap Into Real Emotions
    Non-profits should use emotion and not run away from it. Consumers now want to watch content that moves them to tears, moves them to joy and most importantly moves them enough to want to share the videos with their friends. The type of emotion that consumers want is especially convenient for non-profits, because a non-profits mission and message are inherently emotional and engaging.

The Save the Children’s “Most Shocking Second a Day” video is an excellent example of this. It is a video that depicts a scenario where a British girl watches as her life in UK changes due to the war-time carnage. However, do be careful not to over do the emotions as well, people can easily feel manipulated – that’s why it’s important to have a video partner who really buys into the story and aim of a campaign, not just with budget but with heart too.

  1. Tell a Real Story That Viewers Can Relate To –
    real emotions come from real stories. Mankind Initiative’s “ViolenceisViolence” video aims to shed a light on domestic violence against men. The non-profit pulled a stunt in London where women abused men in public. The clip garnered a huge discussion and publicity for the cause.
  1. Be Creative: Capture the Imagination With Great Storytelling
    Telling a story or explaining a fact doesn’t always have to be a straightforward appeal for funds or awareness. Find an unconventional or surprising way to tell a story or explain a fact, this brings the biggest successes in branded video.

SOS Children’s Village’s “Would You Give your Jacket to Johannes” campaign was an amazing, creative narrative based around the conditions for children in Syria, placing a young boy at a bus stop in the middle of winter, freezing cold because he lacked the adequate clothing, and watching how adults reacted.

  1. Get Your Story in Front of the Right Consumers.
    When branded videos reach the right people is when they succeed the most. Don’t just distribute a video over a mass platform like YouTube, use more niche sites where you know you are sure to reach those influencers who will help in spreading the word for a non-profit.

Using video to raise profile, awareness and funds for Not for Profit, Voluntary or Social Enterprise businesses is certainly something that should be considered. If you live in the Buckinghamshire there is also a great venture funded by the Buckinghamshire District Council that can help you investigate the skills required to make the most of video marketing. The venture is called New Futures and it can grant up to £1500 of funds to help not for profit, voluntary and social enterprises get a kick start to their profiles with video and digital marketing. Take One are approved suppliers with New Futures, have a look at what you can gain for 2015: http://grantscape.org.uk/fund/newfutures-buckinghamshire/




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