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Old Peter Reno tapes found at De Wolfe studios.

A few weeks ago, when engineers were digging through the vaults at the de Wolfe music headquarters, they came across a recorded reel of tape which confused them. Fortunately they’d still got the kit to play it back! We’ve found an old open reel marked up as Kenny Everett, must pop down to DeWolf and see if there’s anything on it…. but back to the DeWolf vaults:

The tape was labelled ‘Peter Reno Compositions’. The first thought was that it was a duplicate or back-up tape. In fact, it was the first demos of the composers work for their album ‘Z-Patrol’. The tape included some tracks in their most basic form, with just an electric guitar and an organ and they were probably recorded on an old cassette recorder in a studio. The tracks have been transferred, mastered and uploaded on to the website for you to listen to.

From the first ideas, which were strummed out on a guitar, to the huge characterful and driven brass band masters. These tracks were orchestrated and produced with the help of Reg Tilsley, the famous de Wolfe composer. He is known for his work with some of the biggest artists and songwriters of the time such as Tom Jones, The Supremes and Shirley Bassey. His work has also been included in Monty Python and Dawn of the Dead.

The stripped back ‘noir’ style demos are brilliant to compare to the final arrangements. The alterations made by Peter Reno and Reg in the production process, which ideas were used and which were altered, how some kept the noir style and how others were completely changed, can be heard.

It is a delight to hear and worth heading to the de Wolfe website to listen and compare the tracks.

And as a note to the current trends, audio is a bit of a poor cousin, but it is equally as important as video; together they make a great result – well done to de Wolfe for keeping their archive, so many businesses don’t value their history these days and see it as just taking up space; our history makes us what we are today and de Wolfe are a great company! We’ve work in our archives that is still being called back for reviews and research – valuable stuff.





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