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Video for business promotion

There are many different ways in which to promote your business online. Using videos is now one of the most popular, as people and future customers can see what your company does as well as get a feel for the ethos of a business and the people who work in it. There are many free services which a company can use to promote themselves with video on the web, these include: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each platform will be explained in more details below.

Youtube has 1 billion users each month. 6 billion hours of video are watched by these users every month. Every minute 100 hours worth of videos are uploaded onto Youtube. The majority of Youtube’s traffic comes from outside the U.S. at 80%.
Thousands of advertisers now use Youtube as a way to promote their company or product. They use Youtube’s TrueView in-stream which gives viewers the option to skip the advertisement if they would like to. More than a million advertisers are using Google ad platforms to promote their business, and the majority of these are small businesses.

Facebook is rapidly growing in regards to the amount of advertisements that are shown on their website. Companies who advertise on Facebook will be reach a wide audience all over the world, like Youtube in that respect, as they have 829 million active users daily, 654 million mobile users daily, 134 billion active users monthly and 1.07 billion mobile users monthly. Approximately 81.7% of daily active users are outside the U.S. and Canada.

These stats will help any business as they know that if 1 person likes their Facebook page and they share a video posted by that company, then more people will see their product or company and be willing to buy their product or use their business.
Facebook also use something called “Promoted Posts”. This means that a company pays to feature their posts on News Feeds. In December 2013 Facebook introduced video ads. These are sponsored videos that silently play in News Feeds. This has not been a good move for Facebook as most people find the video ads intrusive as they play automatically when scrolling through the News Feed – just goes to show you need professional guidance on using video!

Twitter is another way to increase your company or businesses popularity. With 271 million monthly users 500 million tweets sent per day, 78% of users active on their mobiles and 77% of users outside the U.S. Twitter is fast becoming more popular. The way Twitter works when it comes to businesses is much the same as Facebook but instead of “liking your page” a person will “follow you”. This means that whatever you post on Twitter will come up on their “timeline”. The way to gain popularity for your brand is if a person “retweets” your promotional video to their followers or “favourites” your video. This will come up on the person’s follower’s timelines which in turn would raise awareness.

At first advertisements weren’t going to be used on Twitter but in 2010 they introduced “Promoted Tweets”, “Promoted Trends” and “Promoted Accounts”. In December 2013 they updated their advertising to target ads better to users. This is called “tailored audiences” and uses data from browser histories to show users ads that relate directly to sites they have visited.

Instagram is slightly different to Twitter and Facebook in regards to social media and what you post on their. Instagram is for videos and pictures only! They have 200 million active users 65+% of these are outside of the U.S., 20 billion photos are shared, 1.6 billion likes per day and 60 million average photos per day are posted.

With Instagram a person has to be familiar with your company in order for them to follow you. A picture or video will come up on their “timeline” for them to look at or watch. If they like the video they can double clock it and it will come up on their “followers news” section.

This site started selling ads to businesses in late 2013. Advertisers can purchase sponsored photos and videos to show up in timelines. Users get the option to hide and give feedback about the ads, which is a good idea for both parties. In an announcement in November Instagram made it clear to users that the ads would be clear and engaging.

Here are a few companies who use Social Media to their advantage:
* Kellogg’s
* Dell
* EBay
* Samsung
* Toyota
* EA Games
* Sony
* Procter & Gamble
* Nestle
* Google
* Netflix
* Amazon
* Disney
* Microsoft





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