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Google Hangouts Review

Google Hangouts Review

Google Hangouts is an online video messaging service. It enables people to communicate with their friends and families and businesses to host webinars or hold a video conference with other companies. To be able to host a video call on Google Hangouts you must first have a Google+ account. If you have a Gmail or Youtube account you already have a Google+ account. There is a feature on Google Hangouts called "On Air" which allows you to be able to stream your video live and have it upload straight to Youtube. The video will also be streamed live on Youtube as well so anybody can watch it. There is also a private mode if the call you are making is to family or friends or it is an important business meeting which you would not like broadcasted. Google Hangouts is fast becoming more popular than Skype with businesses that use these tools for video conferencing as it is easier to share documents through Google due to their Google Drive.

Google Drive is a "cloud" sharing and saving programme which allows you to save documents; pictures etc. and share them between people and computers. Google Hangouts works not only on computers but on mobile phones and tablet devices which all have the Hangouts app. As of yet there hasn't been any details of how many people use Google Hangouts. Skype has announced that their users spend 2 billion minutes each day connecting with each other, whereas another video calling service, "ooVoo", has announced that it has reached 54 million users and they were adding 100,000 new users each day. Although Google has not released any figures for Hangouts we know that they had 235 million active users across the Google+ platform. Glamour Magazine, The New York Times, Dell, National Geographic and G+ Food Bloggers Community are among the brands that use Google Hangouts to engage with their fans and subscribers. Google Hangouts is also used by TV shows to allow fans to communicate with their favourite music bands or singers. For example: the girl group Little Mix used Google Hangouts in one of their video streams to personally answer questions from fans.

Google Hangouts will become more popular over time as people become more aware of how it can be used and how much better it is than the other video-calling services. Also, due to the fact that Google has so many application and other programmes people may not be aware of Hangouts yet and to improve people's knowledge of it Google may need to advertise it to make it stand out form their other apps and make people aware that there are other services to use other than just Skype. 




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