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Video on your mobile phone?

Video has become a vital part of any marketing strategy, and these days the video medium is available to almost any business – it’s no longer just for the larger corporates, even a small, owner operated motor repair business can reap big benefits – as one of our clients recent told us, over 80% of his new business came as a result of his video webshot! He runs a small local car repair business; he has used Yellow Pages in the past, and various other forms of local advertising, as well as networking groups, but the biggest return with the longest impact so far – his web video.

However, there is still a leaning towards DIY video in companies of all shapes and sizes. The one man bands feel they can produce video themselves with the consumer cameras like Flip video cameras, iPhones, and similar. Sometime they get sold on the idea that the less formal, more relaxed style of a home grown video is more appealing to customers. Larger businesses often have someone on board who has done a Media Studies course come Degree and that’s often a little knowledge that can prove very expensive in the long run. Actually, the amateur hour flip phone video stuff has really passed by the serious businesses – five years ago it was interesting and now people are realising that professional video production reflects the standard of a business and is a powerful profile builder and reputation enhancer online.

Consumer video kit has improved greatly, and the results are often good or okay when used correctly. But that’s the crunch, is okay or good enough to make a customer buy? Afterall, You Tube has 100s of self shot video – and sometimes I wonder what these people do for a living since they clearly spent lots of time doing their cute kitten video! But are these the sort of videos that will engage with customers and make them want to buy from you? They are often fun, amusing or even interesting but they all lack that extra something that just gives the tipping point for business: professionalism.

What people really expect to see in a business video is something that they find useful, enjoyable and fitting for the brand of the company it is supporting.
There is a place for the self shot low budget video, but for any serious business the only video that really works is the sort that is professionally produced and targeted, the rest is for the kids to play with.




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