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There seem to be a lot of new on line directories coming out for our industry sector: Only4Video, Lacartes, Blur, Source as well as the White Book, Kayes and so on – most you can get a free listing on, sometimes actually quite a substantial free listing when the directory is new, because obviously you need content to get interest. Not sure if anyone has got real business this way, or does so repeatedly – the most recent stats from Lacartes shows that we’ve had almost 500 page views, yet when we ask people how they found us it doesn’t seem to be through an on line directory. There is one that you can register for which is, I think, a government based directory that is supposed to notify you when there are video projects to bid on – so far over 3 years in there’s never been a video project, which seems rather odd. I’d be very interested to hear about other peoples’ experiences. Our most recent sign up was with Blur, recommended by a design agency to us, and we did pitch for a piece of work there which had a reasonable budget for a change – downside is that Blur charge commission on successful bids, but they have to make money somewhere and at least you’re not paying till you seal a deal.




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