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What a day – at the Park Plaza Hotel Victoria, London, we got to talk to Roger Martin-Fagg, a Behavioural Economist, who oddly lives just up the road from our video production centre in High Wycombe, the General Manager of British Gas, who had travelled down from Scotland and arrived in good time despite considerable issues due to the recent flooding, a lovely lady from Giffgaff, who again was local to us in High Wycombe – small world – the Head of Digital Strategy with EE and many more key exponents and practitioners of excellence in customer and employee engagement.

They all agreed that business is about people, and that the people, as the front line of a business, are crucial to its success. Also, looking after your employees so that they take on the culture and ethos of a business provides distinct improvements in customer service. Feeling ownership and partnership in a business leads to improved engagement, in fact it’s something that will make or break a business, perhaps, as one person put it, in our current economic climate, this is more true now than ever before!

It was also noted that video and social media are going to play an increased and more important role in good customer/employee engagement. Although it’s not the same as a true face to face encounter, it’s pretty close and does provide more impact than the written word alone. One client said they had found video to be a really powerful tool when gathering customer comments, just seeing and hearing the customer talk about why they had been disappointed with a service and perhaps even left a company was so much more memorable and thought provoking than just the bare statistics. It spurs the people within a business to improve their services and to really get a better understanding of what’s important to customers.

So the morale of the day: look after your employees so that they will look after your customers, and get to get to the next Customer Engagement Summit in 2013 – these series of Directors Forums are rapidly establishing themselves as a ‘must attend’ for senior executives working in the customer space.

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