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You might wonder what sort of video you’re being asked to create if a Director asks about using masks! But of course it’s a standard technique in image editing software that allows you to hide or protect areas of your visuals; you’ve probably seen it most visibly used when someone’s car number plate has been ‘masked’ so that you can’t see the details.

A more creative use of masks is when they are used to disguise something you don’t want appearing without the viewer knowing that you’ve done it! But don’t get too excited, though it’s perfectly possibly to do this sort of thing there is no substitute for the getting the images correct in the first place and do bear in mind the amount of time and effort involved in creating complicated masks will cost money in the long run.

A similar effect can also be created by using graded glass tints over a camera lens; but of course that’s something that can look amazing, so long as it’s what you want – it is more sensible to create such an effect in post production rather than during the filming, at least that way you can change your mind should the brief change – and we all know that that happens, don’t we!?




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