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Gosh there are some dubious videos out there at the moment; I was sent a video recently by a marketing company which to be honest did more to make me not want to use their service than anything positive. The sound was awful, there was so much extraneous noise on the microphone from wind, cars and just people muttering in the background it was a strain to hear what the presenter was saying. Then the background image kept jumping as people walking across the back jumped forwards then back then forwards a but less etc., etc… very distracting. A pity cos the message was good, but the quality of the production was a turn off. Perhaps I’m a bit biased of course but doesn’t anyone else see this sort of thing, and wonder why they allowed it out. It certainly wouldn’t get out of our edit suite like that!

Of course with a newsworthy item you can get away with far more, poor picture or sound quality, it’s of the moment and the message is the important bit, tomorrow will be another message; but when something is going to be on a business website and be the selling face of a business for some time, surely it ought to at least be at reasonable standard – or am I just a dinosaur that needs to throw away her glasses so everything looks off key anyway?

Potential customers need to be inspired by what they see and feel confidence in a business as well as the people behind the business. The video should reflect the professionalism and commitment of the business. It should demonstrate the culture and the style of the business. And testimonials, well these are a wonderful way of inspiring new customers, existing happy customers will always be your best advocates but please don’t let that beautiful moment fail because you didn’t get a good sound engineer in to ensure you’d be able to hear what was being said; or indeed a good producer to help get the message right, or a cameraman who knows not to let the background distract from the foreground. Anyway, looks like I’m in the job for awhile to come….rant over for today!




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