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  • blog date 27 November 2017

    TV Confusion

    TV Confusion

    Since “winter is coming” (with Christmas just around the corner), there has never been a better time to upgrade your TV whether it is a gift for a loved one or you are just spoiling yourself! But with so many features and technical terms included in the branding for all these TV’s, how do you know what they mean and which ones suit you best?

    Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

  • blog date 05 January 2017

    Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Review

    Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Review

    Maybe you thought AI was something just for the movies, but think again as we move into 2017 and beyond because AI is making a definite impact in a number of industries and in particular with eCommerce.

  • blog date 17 November 2016

    A day in the life of Take One TV

    A day in the life of Take One TV

    This particular blog post will be told from a recent Media graduate’s perspective after joining Take One on their video shoot to Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School.

  • blog date 09 November 2016

    The use of Video in Marketing

    The use of Video in Marketing

    The success and importance of video in search and marketing was perhaps recognised in 2006 when Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. No wonder that having video on your home page on line provides a 54 times better chance of you getting returned in a Google search result list. Of course, Google then decided to roll forward the idea of ads to monetise its investment in YouTube and capitalise on the success of the channel for brands, marketers and individuals giving yet another way in which to push potential customers to a product or service.

  • blog date 29 June 2015

    Pros and Cons of 4K TV

    Pros and Cons of 4K TV

    4K TV is predicted to go mainstream within the next five years therefore more media should be produced for the 4K TVs. But what about people who do not want or cannot afford a 4K TV? Will they be left in the past, unable to watch any new films or television? Will this be another 3D debacle? Quite likely, well at least for some time in the future and certainly for business purposes we need to look for the most common receiving format and facility, so lower common denominator rules – which is still the internet for now! HD video on the interview is gaining some segment but the majority is lower resolution or standard resolution so although we can edit in 4K for corporate video we don’t see it being a big area for production in the near future.

  • blog date 28 July 2014

    The Pros and Cons of using DSLR cameras

    DSLRs are starting to become more and more popular with amateurs and professionals alike. Many graduates seem to prefer the DSLRs, probably because that’s what they’ve trained on and of course because of cost and compact size. For personal needs they’re great, and for some professional needs they also work well, but take a look at our guest blogger’s thoughts from Phinktv as she covers some topics of concern on the pros and cons. Then you can decide for yourself what works perfectly for your personal needs!

  • blog date 08 October 2012


    So you’ve just created a video, or had one created for you. What do you do with it now?

  • blog date 03 July 2012


    Multicamera Tip of the Week




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