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  • blog date 08 June 2015

    Video marketing is major focus for small businesses: the stats

    Video marketing is major focus for small businesses:  the stats

    There is a lot of compelling evidence to suggest that online video marketing should be a major focus of a small business’ advertising and marketing budget. Here are some you may not of heard about yet:

  • blog date 02 June 2015

    End Cards for YouTube Videos

    End Cards for YouTube Videos

    End cards (end screens) come at the end of videos and it is technique used by YouTube Creators that allows them to finish a video with a few seconds where they direct viewers to watch additional content and to subscribe to their channel, visit their website. The additional content can include behind-the-scenes footage to older videos, different YouTube channels or merchant links which have been approved. There are endless possibilities; they are a simple, creative and effective way to gain more engagement from viewers.

  • blog date 28 May 2015

    Is 4K TV Resolution Really Necessary for Video Content?

    There are so many different factors that go into making a successful video that 4K videos should the least of worries. If the equipment, extra storage space and time for rendering is available, then by all means, make a video in 4K resolution. It won’t hurt, and the video may rank higher in search results by making a 4K video.
    Most viewers either won’t be able to or can’t watch the 4K video for a while. Many won’t be watching it in 1080p, especially if they are watching it on YouTube. It doesn’t matter about preferred resolution as YouTube will feed viewers video content at a much slower resolution to maintain a smoother experience.

  • blog date 19 May 2015

    YouTube Cards

    YouTube Cards

    Annotations have been used for years to engage with viewers. More flexibility with the information shared through annotations is needed and – more importantly – having it to work on all screens especially mobiles. That’s why YouTube introduced ‘Cards’ in March 2015.

  • blog date 12 May 2015

    Website Cards on Twitter

    How to set up a Website Card on Twitter to optimise your marketing. Twitter is being shown to be more popular than FaceBook from the perspective of creating business and raising brand awareness at the moment, so have a look at this new option and have a go whilst it’s free!

  • blog date 05 May 2015

    Using Video Adverts on Facebook

    There is over a 50% growth of video viewing on Facebook, which means with Facebook video adverts businesses are driving awareness and sales. Whether you are B2B or B2C, having a Facebook presence is a vital part of any marketing strategy, and with the latest facility to use video it adds even great oomph to your plans. Find out how to get your video marketing onto Facebook.

  • blog date 27 April 2015

    How much will a video cost me?

    My old boss at GSK, Gordon Sandilands, told me something I have never forgotten: ‘There are three ways to get a project done: fast, cheap or good! Of course, what he meant was that the project triangle is a good structure for pitching video production. Always reminds me of ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ – balancing the three tenants of a good video production is a skill learned through experience.

  • blog date 27 April 2015

    Can the General Election Results Make a Difference to Small Businesses?

    Despite the Government claiming to have reduced red tape and made access to funds easier, “Small firms still have to jump through a myriad of red tape in order to apply for Government contracts or to work with bigger firms that are fulfilling Government contracts. More often than not these details are meaningless. There is a pledge to take this away by the Government and give 25% of central Government procurement to SMEs.

  • blog date 14 April 2015

    How to improve Google search ranking

    How to improve Google search ranking

    It is a really easy way for Small to Medium Enterprises to outwit the competition in terms of search rankings.

    Google is offering a higher ranking for searches to websites that are prepared to offer users a more secure experience.

    With Google now using blended results, showing not only webpages but videos, news results and images, on their first page there is now more of a chance for your video to be viewed.

  • blog date 08 April 2015

    Video production: In-house or outsource?

    If a company is serious about video and they want to consistently produce videos, hiring an in-house team could be a good option, or as we’re finding with a number of clients at the moment, arranging a contract with a local video production company to act as content managers and producers on an ongoing programme can be a very cost effective option too. If a video is only wanted every so often because of a specific reason or purpose, than always outsource and use a freelance producing facility. Either option is viable, but high-quality video is important in this day & age so best not to risk reputation for the sake of saving a few pounds on production!

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