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  • blog date 23 October 2015

    Does DIY Video Production Save A Business Money?

    With the arrival of cheaper video recording devices such as tablets, iPhones and prosumer camcorders, it is easy for anyone to create a video. Anyone can pull their phone out of their pocket and take an HD or even a 4K video these days. However, just because it can be done by anyone doesn’t mean it should be done – unless it’s purely for fun and not for serious business marketing purposes. Cameras on phones and ordinary digital cameras have limitations and there is so much more to shooting a video than simply pointing a recording device. For example: Is the lighting right? Will the audio be heard clearly without interference from air conditioning, traffic or other extraneous noises? Is the quality appropriate for the business and what it offers? Do the contributors look comfortable and believable or more like scared rabbits who don’t want to be there? Honestly, using an iPhone won’t give a professional look, and it doesn’t make sense to cheapen the brand and profile of your business by skimping on having a video made on the cheap – it’s better not to do it at all.

  • blog date 15 October 2015

    Watch the ‘birdy’ and say ‘cheese’ - are Selfies hazardous to health?!

    On a recent trip to Venice we witnessed a group of people sitting round a table in a beautiful lagoon setting yet all ignoring their surroundings and each taking ‘selfies’ of themselves. It looked a bit like a fairground ride with 8 ‘selfie’ sticks all vying for centre position to get the best shot of the holder. No conversation or interest in anything else it seemed. Wish we’d taken a photo of the event but we were busy trying to stop ourselves laughing too loudly at what seemed to be a rather strange spectacle! However,this new research supports our gut feeling that ‘selfies’ whilst having a place in the recording of human activity should not be taken too seriously, and can be hazardous to health.

  • blog date 14 October 2015

    Who is Albert and How Should Video Production Companies be Involved?

    Albert is an incentive originally devised by the BBC to install an awareness of the impact on the environment of film production processes and encourages production teams to make their programmes in a more sustainable way. However, corporate video producers can also use the albert+ principals to look at ways of reducing their impact on the environment and working in sustainable ways where possible.

  • blog date 28 September 2015

    Instagram Pro-tips for Video Marketing Success

    Instagram is a fast growing platform for video marketing content, however there are some essential factors that can make or break your audience engagement. Have a look at some of the tips and hints which can help your campaign gain followers and raise brand profile with video content.

  • blog date 25 September 2015

    New Bond Theme by Sam Smith Divides Opinion on Release

    Music can be a make or break element of any video production be it a simple 60 second webshot for a small business or a multimillion pound blockbuster movie such as the lastest James Bond offering. Sam Smith was commissioned to write and perform the theme tune for Spectre and is reported to have written it in 20 minutes; feelings on the music have divided critical opinion – perhaps because you need to see the visuals with the music to get the proper effect? That’s often the case with corporate video too, it’s not just about one things or the other but a combination of everything blending together. Well, see what you think.

  • blog date 23 September 2015

    Beyond FaceBook and Twitter for Social Media Marketing

    Beyond FaceBook and Twitter for Social Media Marketing

    Most businesses will be using FaceBook and Twitter, as well as the much loved Linked In of course; however, to get your brand noticed on social media it’s worth having a look at some of the other up and coming platforms out there which would give your digital marketing an extra push. Also looking at video in your digital marketing with these social media platforms will add even greater viewer engagement whilst getting your brownie points from YouTube and Google.

  • blog date 16 September 2015

    Using YouTube Videos to Advertise

    Using YouTube Videos to Advertise

    Any uploaded YouTube video can be an advert. Video ads appear before other videos on YouTube, besides playing videos and in search results. You have complete control over daily budget, so spend what you’re comfortable with. Plus, you only pay when someone engages with the video advert. If someone skips it before 30 seconds (or the end) you don’t have to pay anything. A variety of targeting options are available on YouTube which can help in reaching the right customer for your business. Potential customers can be targeted by age, gender, location, interests and more. Here are some hints and tips to get you going.

  • blog date 08 September 2015

    Using Video Marketing to Say 'Hello' to Potential Clients

    There are many benefits to having an introductory video and a suite of material as part of your video content marketing strategy. It helps:

    • Position the company at the right level
    • Improves Google rankings
    • Adds new tool to the marketing suite
    • Multi-channel so can be used in multiple of ways
    • Easy to edit, appeal to variety of audience.

    Video gives you a 53 times better chance of being found online when someone knows they want your goods or services, but does’t yet know you; plus when done well, the video acts as an initial handshake with potential customers so that they can warm towards your business.

    A basic video such as this makes a measurable difference to the effectiveness of a business marketing strategy: https://youtu.be/Id2iQOgbEVg

  • blog date 28 August 2015

    The new Tate Modern exhibit – Tate Sensorium – Open 26th August 2015

    Tate modern is offering a new immersive art experience which aims to stimulate your sense of taste, smell, touch and hearing. The exhibit is based around the view that while galleries are exceptionally visual, people are not. Can taste, touch, smell and sound change the way we experience art?

  • blog date 24 August 2015

    Special BAFTA Awarded for Downton Abbey Success

    Special BAFTA Awarded for Downton Abbey Success

    Waving the British flag for creative success, Downton Abbey receives a special BAFTA Award as well as 12 Emmy Awards and 3 Golden Globes. The cast picked up the Award from Julie Walters CBE and the crew also got a special mention from the stars of the show – a successful film, video or TV programme relies on teamwork both front and back of camera!

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