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  • blog date 08 August 2014

    Customer focus, Employee focus

    Allowing members of staff to have responsibility and to honour the knowledge often have of the front line business issues can be a powerful enhancer for a business. One of the ways that works well for this communication is video, not flashy high end expensive material, but people centred video that gets to the heart of a business – something Take One are experts at, so if you want to know more – just ask!

  • blog date 04 August 2014

    Google Hangouts Review

    Google Hangouts Review

    Google Hangouts will become more popular over time as people become more aware of how it can be used and how much better it is than the other video-calling services.

  • blog date 28 July 2014

    The Pros and Cons of using DSLR cameras

    DSLRs are starting to become more and more popular with amateurs and professionals alike. Many graduates seem to prefer the DSLRs, probably because that’s what they’ve trained on and of course because of cost and compact size. For personal needs they’re great, and for some professional needs they also work well, but take a look at our guest blogger’s thoughts from Phinktv as she covers some topics of concern on the pros and cons. Then you can decide for yourself what works perfectly for your personal needs!

  • blog date 21 July 2014

    Viewing on mobile devices

    More people are now watching TV and movies on tablets in their bedrooms than they watch on the TV. This means instead of watching programmes on the Television, people are now using their tablets in bed to watch films and TV shows. Also, people who own tablets are likely to watch more TV and movies than those who do not own a tablet. The reason being that people who own a tablet have more ways to watch TV programmes and films than those do not. Business who are looking to take advantage of video as a part of their marketing strategy need to consider the impact of mobile devices and allow for their content to be viewed in a multitude of environments. One key thing, remember people may be watching without sound – subtitles has become very important!

  • blog date 15 July 2014

    URSA 4K

    The key to good corporate video is the value of the content, that means asking the right questions and targeting the audience. Of course, good quality images and sound are also key, they represent your business to potential clients,and good content with poor images doesn’t create the right impression to potential customers.

  • blog date 01 July 2014

    What's in a name?

    Maybe I should start calling myself something new, what could it be and actually what’s in a name anyway, we still know what gaffers and grips do, a cameraman is a cameraman – I hope – but maybe there’s room for a few new ones – suggestions much appreciated and the successful ones will get a little gift from the team at Take One as a thank you.

  • blog date 23 June 2014

    Andy Davidson Music Video

    Songwriter, Andy Davidson, from Maidenhead, Berkshire is hoping his latest release can turn a lifetime hobby into a dream career.
    Andy’s first music video ‘Slim Feels’ forms part of the album and is his first music video produced by Take One TV.

  • blog date 20 June 2014

    Wave, Camera, Action

    Wycombe MP Steve Baker officially launched the start of an exciting video making competition for Buckinghamshire schools on Friday (June 13) in true film making style.

  • blog date 17 June 2014

    Video on your mobile phone?

    Video has become a vital part of any marketing strategy, and these days the video medium is available to almost any business – it’s no longer just for the larger corporates, even a small, owner operated motor repair business can reap big benefits – as one of our clients recent told us, over 80% of his new business came as a result of his video webshot!

  • blog date 11 June 2014

    Web Advertising Video Enterprise

    We are delighted to have been appointed Project Managers for theWAVE – Web Advertising Video Enterprise competition for 2014-15!

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