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  • blog date 11 October 2013

    Demystifying High Definition Television

    1080i, 720p, 1080p and now 4K but what does it all mean and will I be able to tell the difference and what TV should I consider buying to get the best possible TV picture?

  • blog date 09 October 2013

    Streamstar Webcast Case

    The team at Take One attended a seminar this year hosted by TNP Broadcast at Watford Football Ground.

  • blog date 02 October 2013

    What makes a quality video?

    What is quality? Is it something that can quantified with a few words or images? Is quality absolute or relative? Can you have too much quality?

  • blog date 24 September 2013

    All disks are not the same....

    Things to consider before you burn your Video Master on DVD.

  • blog date 16 September 2013

    From Balti to iPhone

    Along with the new 4th generation of mobile communications it’s all come a very long way since I had that curry…

  • blog date 10 September 2013


    Digital Motion Picture Centre, Europe, to open at Pinewood Studios in 2013.

  • blog date 06 September 2013


    As John Cleese said to one of our Producers during an interview many years ago at the Grosvenor Hotel, London – creativity can’t just be turned on; it requires considerable skill and a certain something that’s difficult to pin down, and creativity alongside technical skills are the essentials of good video.

  • blog date 19 August 2013

    How to use YouTube thumbnails

    So you’ve just uploaded a video of yourself to YouTube, but there’s a problem – The still image that YouTube displays before the video begins playing doesn’t look right! What can you do to fix this?

  • blog date 13 August 2013


    3D TV was heralded as the next big change in the video industry, akin to going digital. Our gut feel was that it was bit of a passing phase, dealing with large corporate clients where some are still struggling with HD and the intricacies of their own intranets or the world wide web.

    So this article from digitaltrends brought a smile to our faces!

  • blog date 08 August 2013

    BLU-RAY, The Next Generation

    Sony and Panasonic have just announced their plans for a successor to Blu-ray discs.

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