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Day 3 on location with Take One TV

Day 3 on location with Take One TV

Matt Wheeler, our youngest and newest team member, has been sharing his thoughts on his first location shoot with us.

Day Three:

We arrived at the location with only one sequence and a small piece of trailer dialogue left to shoot now. We went through the same pattern as the last two days with setting up the equipment and keying the lighting while also doing sound checks.

Speaking of sound this reminds me of something that occurred often during our 3 day shoot. There was a lot of noise pollution while filming which we had to try and film around. We had the standard and unavoidable sound of car engines as they drove past on the road, but some of more annoying and louder sounds came from planes and construction which was taking place just down the road.

This is why it is so important for someone to always be operating sound and listening to it through headphones while shooting (not just plugging a microphone in and then leaving it, expecting it to be great quality). Steve was operating sound (and the autocue!) for the 3 day shoot; He would stop us mid shot and let us know if he could hear a loud audio disturbance. This way we could avoid wasting time and also avoid coming back to the edit room only to find that some of the shots/ scenes were unusable because they had a loud plane slap bang in the middle of the clip.

Steve also took me out on day 3 to help shoot some aerial footage of Chesham Chartridge Lodge using his drone. We had to ask for permission from the management first to make sure they were happy for us to film and to also let them know for health and safety purposes. Once we had permission we went outside onto the grounds to a wide open space. While Stave was flying the drone, capturing the footage, I was spotting.

My role was to maintain eye contact of the drone and make Steve aware of any potential Hazards that may damage the drone, or that the drone may do damage too. Some examples of this could be, trees, low flying birds, planes, helicopters, or perhaps people on the ground who are dangerously close to the drone.

Once we finished the drone filming, we went back to the indoor location to complete the last sequence and film a short promotional trailer scene, which was all done within two hours. Then it was a wrap!

This was my first experience within a media production service, and I have to say I had a fantastic time, Not only did I learn a lot from a very experienced team, but I also came out of the production at the end feeling like a valued team member who had contributed effectively towards something great while also feeling a lust for more!




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