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Day 1 on location with Take One TV

Day 1 on location with Take One TV

Matt Wheeler, our youngest and newest team member, shares his thoughts on his first location shoot with us:

Day One:

On the first day, much to my horror, we had to be ready and packed for 6am (I am young, I’m allowed to complain about early starts!) at Take One base to set off to the location. There was a very important reason for this, that I now understand and appreciate, which I will discuss soon. There was a big team of talented individuals for me to meet and get to know on the journey to the location. The location was situated in Chesham where we would be filming at Chartridge Lodge in a library.

When we arrived, it became very clear to me why the early start was important for the production. It was mainly so we could set the kit up. I helped the rest of the team set up the equipment such as the cameras, tripods, jib, radio microphones, sound board and the autocue (the list goes on!). One of the most time consuming but also most important parts of the kit to set up was the lighting. We had to set up three point lighting which had to be framed on the spot where the client would be sitting. The other issue with lighting on most sets is that if you are filming outside or have windows at the location where you are filming, you constantly have to adapt and readjust the lighting to the ever changing natural light source. This certainly applied to us.

Also included in the set was a monitor, for showing a PowerPoint to make the content more interactive for the audience. If necessary this would also give us the opportunity in the edit suite to key in new content if required. Once we were finished setting up the equipment, and were also happy with the lighting and camera framing for the shot, we had some spare time before the client arrived. It allowed me time to get my head around some of the kit I have never used before. The rest of the team were very helpful, sharing their knowledge and experience with me when I was confused on something, while at the same time reassuring me when I was doing something correctly such as logging the time codes.

Once the client arrived, it was all systems go. I was operating the clapper board and was also logging the time code for each shot and take. On the first day we filmed one out of the 5 scenes. This is mainly because we were easing the client into the swing of how the process would work. After we finished for the day, we packed up and took the majority of equipment back to Take One HQ. Apart from keeping the equipment safe, the other reasons for this were to so we could backup the media and put all the batteries on charge so they would be ready to use the next day without wasting time.




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