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How your business can make the most of Video at Christmas

How your business can make the most of Video at Christmas

How your business can make the most of Video at Christmas

There’s a lot of money to be spent at Christmas – spending seems to increase year on year, if the figures are to be believed; the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday fueling the spending. There’s a huge market out there enthusiastic to spend their money, but there is also lots of competition over where to spend it. How can you make your product stand out from the rest? Using video in a variety of ways can be a great asset to your product and your company’s brand at this festive time of year.

Product Demonstration videos

We know that people are much more likely to buy a product if they are familiar with it. Knowing how it works, what it can do and the potential it has all increase the chances of sales. We also know that this is especially true if a product is very technical – people might shy away from it if they don’t know how to use it, or the whole set up is too daunting.

Video can unquestionably help. A demonstration video giving step by step instructions can prove invaluable. The filming can be done in a studio or at a relevant location or in store, using a professional presenter or an employee – depending on your company style and audience.

Unboxing videos

‘Unboxing videos’ have increased in popularity with the rise of the likes of YouTube. Holidays are the peak season for people searching for videos of people unwrapping gifts and in the run up to Christmas it’s the perfect time to display your product in this fashion. Viewers gain the same sense of anticipation as they would watching someone unwrap a present in person. It creates a feelgood factor, and again your product gets more exposure. Potential customers also get a feel for what the product looks like, and its features.

A Christmas message and festive ecards

What a wonderful way to spread Christmas cheer! Having your staff wish all your clients and supporters a Merry Christmas via a video message or via an image on an animated ecard? This really does add the human touch to the season, rather than a faceless greeting. In an age where so much communication is done electronically in business, with some people rarely speaking or seeing clients in person, you can gain respect and trust through a real connection with people on a human level and build bonds to last well into a New Year.

Special event video

We are all attracted to a special event, be it team building, award ceremonies or a staff Christmas party. Why not capture them on video so you can share them with a wide audience: national or international organisations can share the video with those who would be unable to attend to promote a feeling of inclusivity. And it’s another way to help your company image: people like to see organisations as human, and it can give a valuable insight in to your business and those who run it.
In an age of growing mobile technology, the use of video cannot be underestimated. Brands and products need as wide a profile as possible as people increasingly turn to their mobile phones or tablets for information, communication and social evidence.




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