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How to grow your Instagram following – Part 2

How to grow your Instagram following – Part 2

How to grow your Instagram following – Part 2

Here is part 2 of our tips on how to grow your following on this leading platform for communication and content sharing:

6) 2-way conversation – SOCIAL media

Make sure you reply to those who engage with you – social media has to be social to work effectively, it’s definitely not a traditional advertising platform. Respond to comments, leave comments on others’ work and actively engage with those who follow you. Also make sure you like photos and leave genuine comments – take time to think about careful, non-standard, responses. People are then much more likely to follow you back.

7) Use the whole toolbox

In the previous blog we mentioned using video in your posts. Expanding further on this, there are other tools you can use on Instagram to tell your story: there are photo editing apps and video apps such as Boomerang, plus GIFs. There are also tools for other things which you should maximise, such as selling (Letsell.It, Like2Buy) and scheduling and planning (Planoly, Hootsuite, Later).

8) Consistency and scheduling

Consistently posting is important. Everyone is busy, social media can become all consuming, but there are tools out there you can utilise such as Buffer (and the above) which will allow you to schedule posts in advance. Your following will be more likely to grow if you maintain a post schedule.

9) Giveaways

Giveaways are probably the most prominent form of marketing on Instagram at the moment. It’s a simple concept that requires very little effort and can increase your following and awareness about your product. Make sure you post attractive images of your product and off you go!

In order to take part in the giveaway make sure your entrants have to follow you plus tag friends in order to enter.

10) Run a contest

A well-planned contest can also prove a real hit on Instagram. It engages viewers more than a straight give away and if you use an app to assist you whereby you can gather the emails of entrants, you can use these details in the future for email marketing campaigns.

Enjoy working on your Instagram account – be creative! And remember that in the world of social media, regularity and consistency are key.




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