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How to grow your Instagram following – Part 1

How to grow your Instagram following – Part 1

How to grow your Instagram following – Part 1

In July we posted a Business Guide to using Instagram. Further to this, it is worth looking at ways to grow your following on Instagram. As a leading platform for communication and content sharing, Instagram is worth serious consideration for inclusion in your social media marketing: it can create very real commercial opportunities so ensuring a solid following is key.

Here are a few tips to grow your following:

1) Be creative to make your posts stand out

Instagram’s algorithm has undergone a recent change (from chronological to engagement-driven) which has seen many accounts see a drop in likes and comments. Being creative is now key as now users will only see your posts if they’ve engaged with your account recently. So you need to stand out – you want followers to stop and engage with your posts, not to keep scrolling. Creating a theme may help, consider your brand and how the post is framed and edited.

2) Create a hashtag

Hashtags are a simple and effective way of reaching out to new people and building your community. If you use relevant hashtags that relate to your business then you will connect with people who might be interested in your brand.

3) Find your niche and like photos in your niche

Rather than spreading yourself too thin and trying to appeal to as many followers as possible, it’s advisable to find your niche – one that encapsulates the feel of your brand at a glance. You can do this via the actual content you post, the style of the shots, font on captions – but keep it consistent so your brand is easily identifiable as this will make a difference when posts are viewed in a grid format – it will create a real visual marketing platform.

4) Use other social platforms and link in

Encourage your blog, Titter and Facebook followers to engage with you on Instagram – send them a message or create a post on these other platforms with a preview of your Instagram feed, asking them to follow you: utilise all social platforms to get your brand noticed.

5) Use video

Instagram has changed to allow minute long videos – this is a great opportunity for businesses – we know the benefits of using video are endless and can engage viewers more effectively.

If you start to work on the above tips you should start to see your following grow but remember, you must be consistent and work regularly on your account.

We will look at more tips for growing your following on Instagram in Part 2.




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