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The Benefits of Using Client Testimonials

The Benefits of Using Client Testimonials

The Benefits of Using Client Testimonials

There’s no doubt that testimonials play an extremely important part in the success of your business. The idea of a real person telling us, the potential customer, that they have experienced a product and what they really think of it is one of the simplest, yet most effective, forms of marketing. And it has grown and grown in recent years. Now without even thinking about it most us use testimonials regularly to help us choose products: they form an integral part of Amazon purchasing, and Tripadvisor is a great example of how testimonials are used, and what huge success they can have.

We know they are good and that they work. But how? Let’s look in more detail at how and why they are so effective.

Testimonials undoubtedly strengthen the credibility of your business. Buyers want to know you are credible and trustworthy before they commit. This is where customers come in and can put prospective buyers at ease, answer any queries they may have and ease their minds. This is called ‘Social Proof’ and it’s an extremely powerful persuasion tool when marketing your business.

Word of mouth is key to the success of all businesses, and testimonials support this. Real people telling us how happy they were with a service or product is extremely powerful. It doesn’t hold the scepticism a sales pitch has – especially one that is full of jargon. It is unbiased and making a connection with the buyer on an emotional level.

So we know testimonials are a powerful force in themselves.

Sample Video Testimonial

Why use Video for them? For the simple reason that video enhances every aspect of what makes video testimonials so powerful to begin with:

• We know that a connection is felt when customers can actually see people: there is more engagement and this increases trust in the testimonial even further. Using video for your testimonial takes the advantages to a whole new level

Body language, tone and other physical cues just cannot translate in to text, and they subtly enhance credibility

• Words coming straight from the customers mouth also add credibility and build trust

Stronger emotions are felt through video, especially when combined with music and other imagery

• Videos require little time to watch and less effort on the part of the customer

You only need a couple of good video testimonials to gain the same positive results you may get though a dozens of text based reviews and you get the benefit of improved Google ratings.

So using video for your client testimonial is a double win. And it needn’t cost the earth: using green screen at a studio such as ours can give brilliant results. If you would like more information on creating video testimonials please give us a call on 01494 898919 or email karen@takeonetv.com.




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