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Royal Society Summer Exhibition - visionary science and technology feast!

Royal Society Summer Exhibition - visionary science and technology feast!

‘The Royal Society is a Fellowship of many of the world’s most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.’

The Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition is upon us again. This is a week long free festival of visionary science and technology taking place from Tuesday 4th to Sunday 9th of July at the Royal Society in London.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the most cutting-edge science and technology currently in the UK, and to meet the scientists behind it. There are 22 exhibits and also talks and fun activities that appeal to all and target all age groups.

The exhibition is free, making it accessible to all: with such a wide variety of events on offer there really is something for everyone.

The exhibits go through a rigorous selection process and are then narrowed down to 22. Some examples from this year are:

Dinosaurs to Forensics – How dinosaur tracks are helping police analyse footprint evidence
A Model Earth – Developing models that simulate the Earth and predict climate change
Engineering Cycling Gold – How engineering is helping track cyclists reach for gold, and
Mapping Cancer’s Secret Chemistry – Exploring the complex environment within a tumour.

In addition, to the variety of exhibits there are also talks and activities on offer – again free of charge. Some of the highlights from this year are:

‘Bug Off’ – Ever wondered how attractive you are to mosquitoes? What makes some people more tasty than others? Here’s your chance to find out!
‘LEGO Physics’ – Get creative and model particle physics with LEGO, and
‘Zombie Science’ – Could you survive a Zombie outbreak?
Discover how to recognise the signs of a zombie pandemic and what to do if one occurs. Will your choices save us from the worst case scenario?

Though many of the exhibits and talks will appeal to children, The Kids Zone is the perfect place for little scientists and enthusiasts to explore! Have you ever wondered how the stars got into the sky? Or how our magnificent brains work? If you visit the Little House of Science team they can answer such questions for you. You can also experiment, explore and play!

The exhibition is well worth a visit. If you believe science is dull and not for you then maybe you should visit the event on the 8th of July – Rebel Science.
Think scientists are boring boffins that don’t leave the lab? Think again. The scientists of yore spent hundreds of years breaking the rules, blowing things up and performing dangerous experiments! Go and see for yourself….

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