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How to use Video to drive qualified leads to your website

How to use Video to drive qualified leads to your website

Your title here…Using Video Content to Generate Qualified Leads

You’ve probably heard that video content is a very useful tool to drive qualified leads to your website.

You may have already dipped your toe into the water and tried a bit of video content, but maybe not seen the results you were hoping for – in which case, the question is: are you using the right tactics?

Whether you’re brand new to video content marketing, a novice or even someone with a fair bit of experience, the following 5 tips will help you make use of video content more effectively, and to get more traffic.

Building Awareness

If your potential clients don’t know who you are, what you do or how you can benefit them, why should they choose you over your competition? It’s vital to build awareness, and this doesn’t happen by chance! Awareness is the first stage of the buying journey: it’s maybe the first contact you have with your target audience and as such you need to establish your brand and share your value proposition – in other ways how would working with you add value to them and why should they choose you over anyone else.

The next stage in the journey is the consideration or research stage. The prospect will start looking at the different solutions that can help them solve their problem. They may then short list their potential suppliers and progress to making contact with a view to buying.

Going back to the main point though: to build awareness, you need to drive appropriate and relevant leads to your website, where they will find valuable and engaging content that they can identify with, and that answers their questions.

Using Video to Generation On Line Leads

Video is one of the most appealing and memorable media formats you can add to your marketing toolbox. Here are a few ideas to consider that will help drive more leads to your site!

Explainer Videos

Although explainer videos are generally used in the consideration stage and commonly placed in the home page of the website, they can also be a good alternative to drive traffic. If you can add a strong and compelling Call To Action that takes them to your website as well as make it easy for them to do – a few clicks as possible. So why not host your videos on YouTube and put annotation on screen which allows the viewer to click straight through to your website?

This explainer video could be a great example:
Sterling Water Softeners:

Educative videos

Educative videos that have a more overview approach can also be a good choice to drive relevant leads. The main thing you have to bear in mind is not making the material too focused on the product itself: give them a more generic approach to build awareness about what you do, your product or your brand. You want to give enough information to answer the prospect’s initial questions but not so much information that they don’t feel they need to speak to you. You really don’t want your prospect deciding that you don’t have what they want before you’ve had a chance to make contact.

Check out this example:
Team Ultra Delivery SIAM to the Enterprise.

How-to Videos

Using how-to videos that talk about a specific process or how to solve a specific need in your niche can work really well to attract new leads. Try to keep them brief and straightforward but always remember to include clear information how to get in touch with you or for on the shelf products where to buy the product from. This product demonstration video helped our client achieve a 50% increase in sales in the second year of their campaign, and got them onto some of the high street supermarket shelves.

Jenolite Rust Remover

Video Retargeting

Remarketing has been popular for awhile online, it may be dropping back a bit now as many viewers are savvy as to the way it works. However you could use video retargeting with personalized content to bring back traffic that did not convert the first time. This is highly important, as all those people are prospects interested in what you have to offer but that for some reason did not convert. It doesn’t necessarily mean they bought elsewhere, they may still be in the research stage.

Live video and Direct to Camera pieces

Live streaming videos can become a huge bait to get new leads and drive more traffic to your website. Live videos have the power to create a singular experience with your prospects, while also enriching your video marketing strategy like no other resource. A simple way of doing this could be a well produced talking head video, where you speak directly down the camera lens to your prospect. You may need to mentoring to get the delivery right but a good video production company will always have the skills and allow the time to get the best out of your performance.

So there we have it – check that you are covering all of the above tips and measure where you are having success, or not. Then adjust and re-evaluate – it’s only quite small things that will make the difference between a sale or not, in particular if the video didn’t meet the buyer’s expectation of your product or service, so poor audio or visual technique, then they’ll transfer that impression to your offering. If you need any help with creating powerful video communications for business give us a call on 01494 898919 and we’ll be happy to talk through your specific needs.




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