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Making Video Work for Generating On Line Sales and Leads

Making Video Work for Generating On Line Sales and Leads

Key things that will help you get more from your video marketing on line:

1. Optimise Video for Mobile Devices

Video views on mobile devices is heading upwards. They’re on target to account for 72% of all mobile traffic in the next few years, and right now 50% of all YouTube views already come from a mobile device. This is no doubt why businesses who are using video to raise their profile on line, and general leads, are looking at ways to ensure their video content is optimised for mobile viewing.

One of the best ways of doing this is to ensure that your website is responsive, meaning it has been created in a way that ensures that no matter how your audience/viewer accesses your information – on a PC, laptop, tablet, phone – that they will still get all the information you wanted them to have. On a smartphone or tablet this means that the content retracts to fit the viewing screen and that the content is consistently displayed to support your message and brand identity.

2. Endorsements and Reviews that support your story

There is no doubt that getting a mention of your product or service by a ‘celebrity’ on line can make a big difference to your own profile. A client of ours who makes bespoke mobile phone cases managed to get one of her designs reviewed by a YouTube blogger and saw almost immediately a significant increase in traffic to her site on Etsy, and increased sales. Of course, in many cases you will have to pay for this ‘review’ or at the very least provide the goods for review free of charge; however, as advertising goes, it’s still a good investment! It’s a ploy that is well tried and tested but consumers are quite cynical so there does need to be a genuine aspect to any endorsement, with an element of personal interpretation for it to succeed. In other words, it needs to be true!

3. Give careful thought to the duration of your video content

We are always being asked, ‘How long should our video be?’ And to be honest, there isn’t a right or wrong answer perse since each programme we make is bespoke to our client; we consider the end duration in relation to the strength of content, the target audience expectations and desired result of viewing. Generally, people tend to say less is more, however there are lots of variables. For instance, on Youtube videos can successfully be significantly longer, maybe by 8x, than videos on Facebook. This is why we often try to do a short form video to compliment the full version so that clients can get more use and better results overall.

Any video needs to capture the attention quickly on line though, since it’s very easy to click away – you’ve probably nanoseconds in which to grab your audience and make them feel that you are right for them. That ‘feel’ is often entirely to do with brand. For instance, we know a very high quality financial advising group that just didn’t seem to be able to get a good response level of enquiries on its website. When we investigated we found they had a fair amount of video content, and the information was sound. However, the quality of the video was not great, it was inconsistent and looked a little dated. So mostly likely they were being found by dint of having video on their website, and indeed they were seeing people visiting; however, once potential clients started to view the content, they left! Upping the standard of their content was essential, and of course something we are expert at so… watch this space!




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