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Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Review

Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Review

AI in eCommerce for 2017

AI (artificial intelligence) is altering the way eCommerce stores are operating on line through offering the ability to analyse Big Data, helping retailers to engage more effectively with customers and create long term customer loyalty. Take a look at this interesting infographic from RedStagg Fulfillment for an update of where AI is going:

RedStagg Fulfillment’s Infographic on AI in eCommerce

The information on how chatbots may develop particularly interested me, since I’ve had occasion to use these sort of applications quite a bit over the Christmas buying period. Yes, it’s usually when something has gone wrong or not quite to plan, and rather than trawling through a website looking for a resolution, it’s far easier to have a virtual chat – done well, you get relevant answers faster and feel as if you’ve been appreciated. Amazon’s chat facility is particularly good – so you can guess where I’ve been buying things! The interesting thing to note here is that although I started off with a problem, I felt it was dealt with well and personally. As a result, it has made me more likely to buy again through Amazon because, if there was an issue, I feel it could be resolved reasonably easily. Sadly, can’t say the same for some other on line eCommerce facilities where you get lost in a mire of different pages, none of which actually answer the question you have; the aim seems to be to make it difficult to make real contact; that sort of experience will make me less likely to buy again. So food for thought in 2017!

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