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Tips for getting the most out of your Email Marketing Campaigns

Tips for getting the most out of your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Strategies

A careful email marketing strategy can be a very effective means of generating new business and connections, and also an efficient way of sustaining and nurturing your existing clients.

Email is now an essential form of communication in business, so the chances are your organisation will have a contacts database – this will form the basis for any email marketing you undertake, though do be careful to clean your database regularly so as to ensure best practice for both delivery and legal compliance matters.

Tip 1:
Using the word ‘video’ in your subject line can increase open rates by over 70%

Building Your Database

There are a number of ways you can continually build your database:

1. People are generally comfortable giving out their email, as opposed to their telephone number, which can seem more intrusive. So when you attend networking events or indeed at any suitable opportunity ask if it’s okay to stay in touch via email.

2. Ask all customers to subscribe to your newsletter and, if you can, offer an incentive to do this with special offers only available to those who subscribe, such as additional information, whitepapers and free downloads.

3. Make it easy for your newsletter to be forwarded to friends and colleagues – if they can forward to multiple contacts quickly and easily this is an ideal way or increasing your audience.

Targeting Your Audience

You will have to continually build on your database. But a ‘mass mail out’ does not provide effective marketing unless your content is relevant. You need to tailor your email according to your contacts’ needs. In order to do this you need to segment your database.

Tip 2
Make your content relevant to your target audience and include a Call to Action

Areas to consider when segmenting your database:

• Demographics – age, gender
• Geography
• Interests and the type of Industry they are in
• What they have purchased previously
• How often they purchase
• How often do they read your newsletter?
• Are there any ‘VIP’ customers who require special attention?

Get Maximum Response

So how can you get the most out of your email marketing?

Firstly you must make sure the content is relevant (see segmenting above). People do not want to be bombarded by information, and their in boxes clogged up with content that is totally irrelevant to them.

If using video in your emails, consider storing your video in a Playlist on YouTube with other relevant videos; this means that when your viewers watches the current one the remainder will easily be accessible to them and if they watch will keep them on your channel/website for longer – so great Google points for that.

Secondly, double check all your contact information is correct and up to date – or you could be wasting your time, and could get penalised for too many bounces or undeliverables. Try to provide incentives for contacts to stay in touch with competitions, quizzes, prizes etc., if relevant.

Nurturing your database to Build Rapport

Spend time getting to know your contacts. This includes gathering information before you embark on your email marketing campaign, but importantly also analysing responses and success through Google Analytics.

Tip 3
Create customised Dashboards in Google Analytics to track specific audiences

Final Thoughts

Create a library of content which is carefully cataloged and build on this so you have a store of relevant information for your customers.

Test your mail outs on colleagues, and get feedback before sending out marketing emails to customers.

Also, importantly, do not bombard your customers. You need to think carefully about the timing and frequency of your correspondence with them in order to maximise results.




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