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The Director's Cut: AI Challenges Human Creativity?

Is the future of Video Creatives at risk from Artificial Intelligence?

It seems that even as an award winning film Director, a Steven Spielberg talent is no longer safe as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now produced a music pop video.

AI produced music video

At the recent Cannes Lions advertising festival a short music video was screened having been totally created by AI. Featuring a French band’s music track used as a base for the film, the project engaged various programmes such as IBM Watson and a Microsoft chatbot, and MS Rinna (an AI created ‘schoolgirl’ which uses life-like interactions) and facial-recognition software to make the video.

The Artificial Intelligence used the music bed to create a script and a storyboard. Another computer then took the storyboard and directed drones to film aerial footage and created the cast of ‘actors’ to play in the movie.

The casting was achieved by a program examining EEG brain pattern data from various actors and matching them to the emotions it detected in the song and its singer.

All the visual effects such as a starlit sky and an ‘impressionist’ landscape were created with a neural art program which learns an artist’s style and based the visuals on the tempo of the music.

The editing was achieved by a computer program making edit decisions coinciding with the beat of the music and its emotional content.

The piece was commissioned by Saatchi and Saatchi who run the festival. As to whether it is an award winning composition – well AI has a very long way to go before it will be producing cinema blockbusters, in fact it was all pretty boring but we all had to learn our craft, so time will tell. Meanwhile, Mr Spielberg your Oscar is safe.




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