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Tracking Snapchat Growth

Tracking Snapchat Growth

Is Snapchat something to account for in a business marketing strategy?

Tracking Snapchat
In 2013, 3% of Americans aged 12 and over used Snapchat, which is millions of people. In 2014, usage increases to 14% and then to 17%. This year, 2016, usage has hit an all time high of 23% of Americans using Snapchat, that’s over 60 million Americans. Snapchat has gone from 3% to 23% in four years, which is incredible growth. Yes, we’re talking about American, but don’t forget that the UK and Europe frequently follow in American’s footsteps with technology and social platforms.

Who uses Snapchat and Why?

Facebook has been the number 1 social media platform for a few years. 64% of Americans over 12 years of age use Facebook. This equates to almost two-thirds of Americans who are using a single brand. Mark Zuckerberg’s smartest purchase is the number two social network, Instagram. Instagram is used by 29% of Americans aged 12 and over. Zuckerberg has missed not only the raw number but what those numbers represent: teens and young adults, by not being able to buy Snapchat.

When looking at the total American population, Snapchat is the 4th largest social media platform. However, when looking just at the 12 to 24 age group, Snapchat is in fact the number 1 social media platform. 72% of 12-24s use Snapchat whereas on 68% use Facebook. We are certainly hearing the words ‘Snapchat’ a lot more these days than we were last year, so popularity is growing.

By not buying Snapchat, Facebook missed a target audience which they may find it difficult to reach. 12-24 year olds are using Snapchat a lot more and that is taking time away from the Facebook usage.

In 2015, 65% of social media users claimed they use Facebook the most; this year, 2016, it has decreased to 61%. Snapchat is the only one that has changed, increasing from 4% to 8% of people who say they use it the most often. When focusing on the 12-24 age range, only 32% say the use Facebook the most often. So Snapchat grew from 15% to 26%, an increase of 11% – something to bear in if you audience range is in the 12-24 target market for business or communications.




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