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How to Boost Video Engagement with YouTube Poll Cards

How to Boost Video Engagement with YouTube Poll Cards

Getting instant feedback from YouTube Videos

The ability to be able to get instant feedback is the most powerful features of uploading a video to YouTube. Normally this is achieved by scrolling through the comments and looking for the most helpful ones, which can often be hidden in a sea of comments. Another method for getting the feedback needed is through the YouTube Interactive Cards feature, in particular poll cards. The poll cards are essentially an improved version of annotations and they work on both desktop and mobile. If the poll cards are used in the right way, they can turn a video into an even more powerful tool for gathering feedback.

What are YouTube Poll Cards?

A poll card allows an info card to be placed on a video at a time of choice, which will allow the audience to be polled on a particular question. The question can have up to 5 multiple choice answers and can show both the creator and viewers results in real time. Like the other cards on YouTube they are created through the card system and requires an account in good standing. To access cards click the ā€œIā€ in the upper right corner of a video.

Top 6 Users for YouTube Poll Cards
Interactive cards may be familiar or just be starting to be used on YouTube uploads. Here are 6 ways Poll Cards can be used to engage with viewers.

1. Use Audience to Guide Video Content
If the decision on what to do for the next video isn’t obvious, or you perhaps just want the viewers to be more involved, then give them a choice with a poll. This is a good way, in particular, for musicians, gamers and how-to creators to find what their audiences want to see next. Using a poll card can not only help deliver what the customers want, but removes the potential of scrolling and sorting through the comments to tally the results for a question.

2. Fine Tune Your Programming Schedule
Whether looking at increasing your audience or retaining your existing audience, using poll cards can help reveal what day and times work best for posting. This varies greatly for different channels depending on the topic and the demographics of the content. It’s the same principle for any mail out, whether email blast or newsletter. Choosing a day and time that works best for the people who care about the subject matter, can aid in boosting the initial view push, and that can be crucial to the success of the video.

3. Use Poll Cards as an Educational Tool
Poll cards can be used by educators, who use YouTube to supplement their class, to gain feedback on the effectiveness of their classes in class and through the video. An useful feature is that because poll cards are anonymous, they can be used to measure whether students understand the basic concepts, or not, and enable the teacher to understand what needs to be reviewed again.

4. Start a Conversation
Cards are not just used for feedback. Use the cards to ask relevant questions of your viewers in the hopes of starting a discussion in the comments section. It may take a little push to get the people comfortable with commenting on videos but it is worth the effort as it great improves engagement and shows you are interested and alive!

5. Have Fun with Viewers
The video should be the main attraction but quirky questions and polls give viewers another reason to keep watching. Do not be afraid to ask ridiculous questions to get some emotion from the viewers. Viewers will share the video if they smile or laugh at unexpected content. However, do also be ready to vet comments which are not appropriate to you or your audience.

6. Use them to Re-engage with your YouTube Audience
Even the most die-hard fans miss videos of their favourite creators. Consider using poll cards as a means to redirect viewers to past content or important announcements which may have been missed.

Get creative with poll cards and use them as a tool to help gather information, interact with fans and guide processes. Getting the right feedback and guidance from audience can make the difference in turning good video content into great video content which ultimately brings excellent business in.




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