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Video Marketing Tips Part 2

Video Marketing Tips Part 2

YouTube can provide much more actionable data than TV.

Rap battles received 24.5 million views on YouTube and outperformed the hugely popular Big Bang Theory which received 18.5 million views on TV. Nielsen ratings (the ones used to measure views from TV shows like the Big Bang Theory) only talk about impressions rather than views.

There are 2 main campaign strategies in working with YouTubers:

A qualitative campaign works with one key channel influencer while quantitative campaigns work with multiple channels. Before starting to try and connect the brand to a YouTuber, invest some time in learning the language of the playing field. Have a plan in place with clear identified metrics connected to business objectives.

Take time and write the script as a team.
Take the time to write a script as a team and consider having the team come to the table with a script each or a concept proposal, but always have one person responsible for final decisions and sign off.

Use paid ads instead of focus groups: test everything!
If a decision cannot be made between 2 options, film them both and test! Use a paid ad strategy, it’s easier to get 1000 views and gauge results rather than gathering a focus group. The analytic data connected to video ads will outweigh the value of subjective feedback.

Consistency and branding are the biggest factor in YouTube success.

Use iconic symbols and catch phrases in videos to build a community. Don’t be tempted to scrimp on your YouTube branding, it should reflect the same quality and style as the rest of your marketing materials; so good quality images and consistent messages.

Consumers have rated YouTubers ‘as trustworthy’ as people they already know.

Celebrities endorse any product that pays, whereas YouTubers are more selective and specialized. YouTubers are not actors or models and have built their careers from being transparent with their audiences. This authenticity makes YouTube a great place for brands to build that trust within their audiences. Using real client video testimonials and case studies as a powerful way of making an endorsement that viewers engage with.

Client testimonials on video give power to endorsements

User satisfaction is the key to SEO.

The winners in search marketing will be those who build video pages that actually satisfy the user. Think beyond mobile optimization & social share buttons; videos on web pages need contextual elements to increase page engagement.

While a video may keep visitors on a page, do not forget to add links to internal content (to reduce bounce rates). Create on-page engagement tools such as comments or ‘read more’ links. Do not publish ‘thin’ pages-add context and avoid copying and pasting text from video description boxes, so make everything consistent but tailored rather than robotic and boring! Great video deserves great marketing and gives great results.




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