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4 Easy Ways to make the most from Instagram’s New Features

4 Easy Ways to make the most from Instagram’s New Features

Instagram, Vine and Snapchat challenges brands to tell the stories in the shortest time frames.

Instagram is introducing the ability to upload videos of up to 1 minute as well as a new feed algorithm. In the last 6 months, there has been a 40% increase in people watching videos on Instagram, so with the introduction of the new function; here are 4 easy ways video marketers can benefit even further from the changes.

1. Add a Call to Action to Instagram Video Content
One concern with the new feed algorithm is the importance of having high level engagement, driven by successful calls to action. In order to make call to action work on the previous length of Instagram videos, there would have been a lot of sacrifice in regards to video content. Now with 1 minute limit there is now plenty of time to make a CTA and to also be creative with it. Content creators should now have the time they need to make the videos they are used to making, while allowing time to make a meaningful call to action to keep their content at the top of the new feed.

2. Make the Most of the New Video Length
For Facebook and YouTube videos there was a peak between 30-60 seconds for the ratio of views to engagements. Instagram, by expanding to 60 seconds videos, should be increasing exposure levels to its optimal limits, while leaving the longer forms of video to Facebook and YouTube. Instagram will get the optimal amount of engagement and exposure that makes it worth people’s time and effort to invest in the platform. Instagram provides a unique service that advertisers are much more comfortable working with.

3. Test Different Video Lengths to Find a Sweet Spot
One danger to this improvement on Instagram could be users bailing out of the feed. Pictures and short videos are great to keep rolling from content to content. Increasing the video limit to 60 seconds could have had an adverse effect, causing users to abandon the feed. Targeting 60 seconds looks like a calculated move that should not adversely affect a user’s experience, while still giving creators more time to work with for their videos. Easing viewers up to the 60 second limit will give them time to get used to it, rather than pushing it all at once.




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