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WhatsApp: 1 billion users worldwide and 250 million video shares per day

WhatsApp: 1 billion users worldwide and 250 million video shares per day

The instant message service WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, has confirmed it 250 million video shares per day and has reached 1 billion users.

CEO Jan Koum stated: “One billion users. Couldn’t be more proud of our small team doing so much in just seven years.

In a month, there are 1 billion active WhatsApp users talking in the 53 supported languages and in 1 billion groups. There are 42 billion messages being sent and received everyday along with 1.6 billion images and 250 million videos being shared. Okay, so the video files has to be quite small; 16mgs is very small for video, but there are compression apps out there that can make a short message come alone on video. For businesses, it’s not a worldwide sharing device but it can share to discrete groups; so if you’re working on a project you could share project specific updates with your co-workers, or you could share with business contacts with similar interests who are part of a group with you. There are opportunities to makes WhatsApp an interesting video communications platform for business; definitely deserves some investigation.

So the technical stuff – WhatsApp information:

- 1 billion monthly active users
- 42 billion messages sent per day
- 1.6 billion photos shared per day
- 1 billion total groups
- 53 languages supported
- 250 million videos shared per day
- 57 Engineers and they are hiring.


A statement from WhatsApp states:
“Nearly 1 in 7 people in the world use WhatsApp each month to stay in touch with friends and family. Over the last 7 years, WhatsApp’s mission has never changed. WhatsApp started as a simple idea: ensuring that anyone could stay in touch with family and friends anywhere in the world, without the cots and gimmicks getting in the way. As we are all more and more familiar with receiving digital communications, and expecting some of those communications to be on video, I’m sure the WhatsApp team are looking at ways to allow that functionality for its users, afterall Facebook is using video more and more so WhatsApp will no doubt follow.

As this achievement is celebrated, the focus remains the same. Every day, the team continues to work on improving WhatsApp’s speed, reliability, security and simplicity.”




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