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Google overtakes Apple as most valuable listed company

Google overtakes Apple as most valuable listed company

Google’s parent company Alphabet has been valued at $568bn which surpasses Apple’s valuation of $535bn.
Google became the most valuable listed company in the worlds after it was announced that global revenues rose 13% to $75bn (£52bn) last year, and group tax fell to 17%.
From UK customers the group took $1.9bn of revenues, which is a record, for the last 3 months in 2015, up 16% on 2014. But if it was not for the pound weakening against the dollar, the UK revenues would have been up 20%.
Adding the £3.7bn from the British sales earlier in the year, the fourth-quarter revenues in Google from the UK, took the 2015 British Advertisers turnover to £5bn.
The share price for Alphabet in after-hours trading immediately jumped to 9%, which implied the total stock market value for Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is $568bn. This meant that Google’s Californian rival, Apple, which is valued at $535bn was eclipsed by Google. This made Alphabet the World’s most valuable company.

This must be a bit of a blow to the Apple gods and a bit odd considering everywhere you look people have Apple devices; just watch the TV where, for instance, there is a report on David Cameron’s talk to O2 in Slough about the EU debacle this week, and almost every other person is filming him on their iPhone – actually some had an interesting back of the head perspective of proceedings so not sure if maybe Apple has a new app that allows you to film back to front as it were! Just joking of course, though we have been asked to do something similar with video editing occasionally – and yes you can take something out of a background but generally it leaves a blank hole that needs to be filled. Special effects and AfterEffects are pretty cleer, indeed we have a black belt ninja AfterEffects editor in house, however there are limitations to how far technology can take us, especially with a limited budget and timescale!

Nonetheless, it is interesting to see Google rising up over Apple; maybe that’s a good thing, or maybe no. It may well be that the increased used of video on line is helping to push advertising on Google AdWords and driving profits for them, video certainly has a noticeable effect on marketing on line and is forecast to continue to grow going forward.




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