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YouTube Video Platform 11 times bigger than Facebook!

YouTube Video Platform 11 times bigger than Facebook!

The debate between YouTube and Facebook video never gets old

A new report from VentureBeat highlights the following:

• Worldwide, YouTube is 8.2 times bigger than Facebook video when it comes to the amount watched.

• Globally, 46,000 years worth of YouTube videos are watched every day.

• 8,061 years worth of YouTube videos compared to 713 years worth of Facebook video are being consumed in the US.

• Millennials are 18.5 times more likely to use YouTube to watch videos.

Hence: YouTube: 11 times bigger than Facebook video.

Columnist with VentureBeat, John Koetsier, acknowledges that video on Facebook has quickly increased, from more than 1 billion video views every day, to 4 billion views every day six months ago to 8 billion views per day today. However, social media counts the first 3 seconds as a video watched as being viewed; to our mind that’s not a real viewing figure! Koetsier concluded by stating that “Facebook has had an impressive growth, but it isn’t anywhere close to YouTube.” And we’d have to agree. We see a far better return on investment for videos we put on YouTube for clients than on Facebook. However, working together with Facebook and Twitter and other digital platforms all enhances the overall results.

Globally, people spend approximately 46,000 years watching YouTube videos. About 100,000 years of aggregated daily attention is attracted by Facebook across the globe, but only 5,625 years are dedicated to watching videos.

Millennials are 18.5 times more likely to use YouTube for all the weird and wonderful videos as well as for watching television programmes and researching for education and business purposes.

Viewers are much more likely to watch YouTube for a significant amount of time (up to 60 minutes). If the viewer is younger they seem to be more committed to YouTube. 13 to 17 year olds are 18.5 times more likely to choose YouTube and with viewers aged between 18 and 24 being 16.5 times more likely to use YouTube over Facebook. So age does play a part. However, it’s the overall effect that needs to be considered when using digital media and video for business growth. Perhaps also not just the fact that people are watching on particular platforms but the devices they are watching on are also important; definitely include tablets and mobile phones as viewing choices or miss out on a big chunk of your potential video audience!

Another important factor when producing videos for business to give your viewer plenty of opportunities to find your website; the chances are they may have found your view on a different platform, be it YouTube, FaceBook, AdBar or any of the myriad of hosting platforms out there; so always put your contact information on the video, and if you have your own channel on YouTube put an annotation into the video using the YouTube tools as well, that way people can hot link straight to your website from the video. The least number of clicks that get customers to your site the better.




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