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Roll Up - Roll up!

Roll Up - Roll up!

Yes, roll up for the new flat, bendy TV screen developed by LG.

The 18 inch prototype screen uses OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) which can roll up like a newspaper. Although only 18” LG says that this could easily be up-scaled to produce a 55” screen. That would take viewing video, television and films to a different level in small locations.

The display is full HD and will also be capable of UHD (Ultra High Definition) 4K quality when in production. LG says that this technology will provide opportunities for POS in shops and flat advertising billboards such as seen on the London Underground.

At present the demo screen does suffer from some ‘dead’ pixels after rolling up and unrolling and at the moment it can only be rolled up in one direction and you certainly can’t fold it up like a newspaper. However, this technology may well become the future screen of tomorrow’s smart phones where you will be able to roll up your phone and put it in your pocket.

It would be amazing if the same technology could be extended to video monitors for location work; it would certainly make lighter work of shifting the video display kit! If that could be coupled with lighter and more effective battery power, well there’d be no stopping us. I did see somewhere recently that research is being done on a battery that can be stored on a sheet of plastic – now that would make an enormous difference to the video production industry, it’s the next step into a game changer for the industry! Of course, one of the challenges is how to connect to these new thin devices, the old trusted connectors will need rethinking as well. It never stops, does it?




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