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Add a 4K curved TV to your Christmas Wish List?

Add a 4K curved TV to your Christmas Wish List?

Is a 4K curved screen better than a standard delivery?

4K and Ultra HD (also called UHD) deliver amazing images. After seeing a 4K image for the first time at a recent trip to John Lewis, the superiority it shows to HDTV (1080p) is second to none. Stunning in fact.

So, how come 4K is so much better? It’s the pixels that account for it in the main, pixels are the dots that make up the image on the screen, each pixel being a tiny square of information which altogether make up the big picture. The pictures on a HDTV are made up of 2 million pixels; 4K images are increased to 8 million pixels. This results in eye-popping detail and a greater sense of texture & depth.

With 4K technology, the trend has moved to curved television sets. The argument for the curved screens is that they are more immersive due to the fact that they give the viewer an impression that the screen is curving around them. Curved screens also deliver superior contrast-images appear to pop out of the screen, which gives the impression of greater depth and also makes people think they are viewing a 3D image when they see a curved screen for the first time, particularly if the image is also of 4K quality. A far better and more comfortable option that 3D to our minds, especially if you like to watch video in a social environment with other people around you, or if you wear glasses and find 3D lenses make your eyes sore.

How to get the best from a 4K curved television screen

Curved screens and 4K technology both lend themselves to bigger screens but they are also available in smaller sizes that may be more suited to smaller lounges or display areas in receptions. If a larger screen is chosen, think carefully about where this new TV will go. 4k curved screens are better when viewed at a closer distance than SD and HD screens, the viewing distance of these should be three times the screen height. Curved 4K screens which have impressive detail and increased immersion are viewed better at 1.5 times the screen height. This is a cinematic way of watching TV at home, probably why we like it!

What to watch on 4K TV

Once the 4K TV is set up there needs to be some 4K content to watch. 4K is still a new boundary and TV content is still sparse but the collection of 4K content is growing. Netflix originals (such as Orange is the New Black) as well other favourites like Breaking Bad and a few movies automatically stream in 4K if being viewed on a 4KTV. The UK now has its first broadcast 4K channel: BT has launched a BT Sport Ultra HD channel which 4K programming includes the UEFA Champions League and Barclays Premier League football, the Aviva Premiership Rugby and MotoGP. No doubt Sky will start creating programmes in 4K soon, they need the right codex to make it happen and of course would need to issue new boxs – but hey that’s a sales opportunity for sure.

With all this 4K content starting to emerge, there is never a better time to add a 4K curved TV to your wish list for Christmas!




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